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Wow! Haven't done this in a while! So, um, questions...

Do you think you could take @joygirl in a fight? She seems pretty fierce, and also campaigned to be a supervillainess. Symbolically would you consider such a battle a conflict between postmodern and cultural feminism, or indicative or something else? Will John Constantine's wife, Epiphany Greaves, appear in the New 52? Better, will John go back to Vertigo? Where did I leave my car keys? If you live close to Missouri, would you like to come to my wedding? When I grow up, if I drink a lot of milk, can I be Shade, the Changing Man? Please? Pretty Please? If the marriage doesn't work out, wha'cha doing next Friday? Finally, will I ever find contentment in Marvel as it is, and not just joyful nostalgia as I read back issues?

Whew! Thanks. Had a lot of questions in me.

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Whatever. Sell more books. It's hard to be optimistic about this variation on the death of Superman/Punisher/Batman/Captain America. Yeah, there's always a twist, but the shame is the fans already expect it.

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A Doctor Doom origin movie.

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@glabal500: I'd offer that he has a scientific acumen that puts him in the Top 20 of Marvel Universe geniuses, but really, a lot of the scientific accomplishments of Wakanda have been carried out by scientists with grants or patronage from the Wakandan government. HOWEVER, I would say that he is one of the most charismatic figures in the Marvel Universe, leading a nation for many years; becoming a respected ally of both the Avengers and the Fantastic Four, and rocking both the half mask and full face mask much better than Doctor Fate in the DCU.

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In the Golden Age, there was a Human Torch villain named Doctor Smart.

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Rolling up newspapers and hitting Marvel writers on the nose, as my lady--a nurse-- prepares to administer unnecessary prostate exams to DC editors.

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I also don't believe in werewolves living in major metropolitan areas undetected, that the church should do anything other than tend to the comfort and spiritual needs of their flock, in the marketability of time-traveling mutant cyborgs named after television entertainment options, in Rob Liefeld, or that Lex Luthor and Captain Cold will be long-term Justice League members.

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@billy_batson: Starlin's Warlock and Dreadstar are my favorite Marvel/Epic sci-fi.

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Finishing "looking for alaska" by John Green, with eyes towards Black Science and The Nowhere Men. Also, a lot of rhetoric, theory, and philosophy in preparation for my impending huge-ass test.