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I agree that Henry Pym has suffered a lot since the character's inception, dealing with the loss of his first wife, Ultron, going through the mental breakdown that led to the creation of Yellowjacket, the rivalry with Egghead (which was a big part of Pym's evolution, @riot_sqrrl), and the second breakdown that led to him hitting his wife. He has dealt with all of this much better than, say, the Scarlet Witch did with all of her trauma. However, @pietromaximoffistheman, I don't understand what you mean about Reed or Peter. When were they ever accused of spousal abuse? A free pass for what? Also, I think you might be escalating things with @riot_sqrrl unnecessarily. His comments are vague generalities, but nothing there to suggest he?/she? hasn't been reading. @guardian_of_gravity, I agree sqrrl's statements were less predicated on logos, but authorial intent aside, shouldn't an editor have caught it before it saw print? Regardless, Marvel let it stand and writers have been running with it for decades. The Ultimate Henry Pym was definitely far more sick in the first Millar Ultimates series in his treatment of Jan, but the Earth-616 version was culpable for his own actions. He shouldn't really be punished for them anymore, by fans, by writers, or even by Janet Van Dyne (recalling Bendis/Cho Mighty Avengers run). I hope Marvel dispenses with all of this convoluted time travel shit and does something revolutionary with Hank Pym that doesn't involve Ultron or the Wasp. Whatever happened to Dr. Nemesis? Bring back that dude.

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@blackdog2009 did specify genre diversity, indicating that he is frustrated with Marvel's lack of storytelling outside of spandex stories, science fiction, and their new take on horror, as opposed to the fantasy stories of bygone days (Dr. Strange). I agree that those stories aren't there, but they are pretty few and far between in DC, as well. Now that you have identified a need, take action to get someone to satisfy it.

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I agree, @_maven_. I think both mainstream Marvel and DC are experiencing a drought of genre diversity. If one wants a comic book story outside of horror or science fiction, they need to look to imprints like Vertigo. To encourage the companies to write the stories you want, create demand. Talk writers and editors up (politely) at conventions and start Fb pages to get western or sci-fi or magic/horror characters the push you want. Bring back "because you demanded it."

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I prefer this one.

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Fair, and I certainly did just that by making unnecessary comments about how his real name was spelled. My apologies.

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Are you talking about a lack of genre diversity, like westerns, or racial/ national diversity? I think perhaps you need to research deeper. You'll find that Marvel has a rich history of exploring multiple genres, and while some of those aren't being published as frequently right now, it's because of industry trends not a company thing. Also, Marvel's racial, biracial, and homosexual characters are a lot less disconcerting than they used to be; in the 70s and 80s, African Americans, Asians, and Latinos catered to ridiculous stereotypes, while homosexual characters were just unheard of.

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Huh? What's that now?

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Good is subjective. Here Jimmy decides action against his father's tyranny is better than complacency and perpetuating "Psyclone"'s tyranny over their family. lol And he helps Marianne find her purse. Still weak, but I used this prompt to create an origin story for characters I hope to use in more clear ways in future work. I imagine there are much stronger pieces, but appreciate the opportunity to share.