Top 5 Things About BumpyBoo You May Not Have Known

@bumpyboo is my friend. I like her bunches, so here are five fun facts about her that you may not have previously known:

1. She has seen more cartoons than Uatu the Watcher.

2. BumpyBoo is not an acronym. She was not created for any nefarious purpose by any comic book cabal... just her parents perhaps while listening to "Afternoon Delight" like the rest of us.

3. Bumpy is a conjoined twin. She's the one on the left.

4. While she has helped flesh out the wiki for Beavis & Butt-Head among many other animated series, she probably wouldn't let them see her "thingees." You shouldn't ask to, either. It's rude.

5. Is the granddaughter of the man young Matt Murdock saved from being run over by a truck. Today, that man is governor of Cleveland, OH. This may not be true, but wouldn't it be cool if it were?

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LOL! I wrote a blog about you, he says. Don't feel uncomfortable, he says... :P

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I knew all this already.


Great reaction.

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Well, duh! You're omniscient! What have I posted anywhere that you don't already know? ;)

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@misteranderson: @bumpyboo: Gasp! =O I had no idea of any of this. 0.0 I got a major scoop on BumpyBoo! She stole Queen Elizabeth's corndog and threw it in the ocean! Rumors has it, BumpyBoo is the most interesting woman in the world and has a following fanbase on Tumblr who are petitioning for her to become the Duchess of the UK!

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@samimista A top five samimista list is now in the works.

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@misteranderson: Ah snap! 0.0 I hope you don't find out how I secretly reenact a Spice Girls concert in the bank! DX Oh wait...Did I say that? =O I am not good at this keeping these scandals hushed up! 0.0 I might also be...*camera zooms up to face* Bumpy's other conjoined twin. 0.0