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I just could not bring myself to vote on this despite seeing Thor, Avengers, and Man of Steel (all at least 2 times), and the reason that is because I still have yet to see Thor: The Dark World which I feel you have to take into consideration since this is a scenario involving the movie versions of these characters and you have to take all movies featuring them into account. Despite Faora's pure badassness in Man of Steel I don't fault the majority on this one, remember in Thor he went up against the Destroyer and in Avengers he went up against Hulk, so in the films Thor does have some experience going up against foes that are in his strength class, and let us not forget the battle between Faora and Clark in Man of Steel was not fought solely between the two, she did have that big Kryptonian guy (who many of us thought might be Non in the early trailers and screen shots) throwing his shots at Clark throughout the fight as well.

All in all great choice on the combatants for this week's battle @k4tzm4n! Here's a quick suggestion for a future one... Faora vs. Lara Lor-Van (New 52 versions)!

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I gotta admit I loved how Felicity just really put it all on the table as far as her feelings for Ollie are concerned. I was getting really tired of Laurel and all her self-pittying crap and blaming Ollie, blaming her dad, and Ollie saying without saying "Laurel I love you" but every time she tries to let him back into her life in a romantic sense he's all like "No, I can't. I can't risk her getting hurt on account of my identity as Green Arrow." with Felicity it was the classic case of the "nice girl" knowing all about the "bad boy" and saying "Despite your faults I still care about you, so why do you keep wasting your time with these other chicks and recognize the woman you need is right here in front of you?" It was a major change for her character who was coming off as a more odd version of Oracle prior to last nights episode.

Now a part of me sort of wants to see Ollie and Felicity hook up, but I'm afraid if they do, the writers are going to have something terrible happen to her just so they can put him back on the path to ultimately being with Laurel.

Also if you think last night's episode was bad I hate to see what you guys say about next weeks episode because they're bringing back Count Vertigo, and for me personally the Count Vertigo episodes were the worst ones from last season.

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This is awesome, gotta see Thor 2 first though. Im leaning Faora.

I said the EXACT same thing when I first saw this! Good thing tomorrow is $5 movie day at my local theatre.

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I would be on board for a third Wolverine solo film (although I like to think X-Men Origins didn't really happen and The Wolverine is his only solo film so far) as I said on this site before The Wolverine came out I was really hoping that film did well so we could get a third film and see Omega Red (my favorite Wolverine villain) and X-23 if they could think of a good story that involves the two of them.

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Way to throw a curveball into the Batman Battle of the month @k4tzm4n but you and I both know this isn't even close to fair. As much as I like Miles he doesn't really have any distinguishable feats and Terry on the other hand has not only gone toe to toe with some pretty powerful foes of his own, but even some of Bruce's old enemies (i.e. Mr. Freeze) and this is all him being Batman for only a few years (according to the Batman Beyond comics). You could've at least had him go up against Spiderman 2099 or Spidergirl, that way you could've at least used this pic...

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@nerdork said:

I am waiting for the series to come out with Trades, then i will read them. It looks awesome though, and i am glad they are stayng true to the books.

Same here.

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The lack of an Aquaman does piss me off quite a bit. And people wonder why he doesn't get any respect. Maybe if DC pushed him a bit more outside of his comic, he would.

Totally agree! It's like the powers that be at DC don't even try to make Aquaman seem cool to folks who don't read the comics. I could've easily seen a strong showcasing of Aquaman in this leading to a solo animated film of him based on "The Trench" storyline.

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We really have to step back and applaud Chris Evans, he is really a great Captain America. This trailer is beyond perfect really does feel like a "political action thriller"

I agree, he is totally making me forget about his previous comic character roles (Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four 1 & 2, Jensen in The Losers) which don't get me wrong I thought he did great in those films, but him as Cap is truly becoming his best comic character role to date.

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YES! The return of the long crimson locks of Black Widow! That short hair she had in Avengers bothered the Hell out of me.

I want to see Batroc the Leaper!

Same here dude!

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Watched the episode Wednesday night and I'm sorry but that was NOT Bronze Tiger! Don't get me wrong I love Arrow, and I really like Michael Jai White as an actor and the action in that scene was good, but he was basically just a henchman fighting China White's fight for her. The least they could've done was had China White call him Bronze Tiger, but IDK maybe she did and I missed it (though I doubt it) or maybe like Deadshot he'll return again and then they'll call him by his name then, we'll see. All in all with just two episodes into this season I am loving this show and I'm sorry to say it is kicking Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s ass.