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This show is meant to give those who are not really into comics and the whole "geek culture" associated with it an inside look of what we're all about, but instead it depicts consumers as people who ONLY care about what value the books they buy now (or ones they already own) will have in the future and makes these particular retailers look like greedy, back biting, pawn brokers who will try their best to give a seller the lowest possible amount for items they know are worth well more than what the like of Walt is willing to buy for said items and even more than what the seller is even asking for.

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Anybody else getting a Galactus type vibe from this Relic character? I mean instead of a being who "existed in the universe that came before this one" who is now extremely powerful and feeds off of planets we have a being who "existed in the universe before this one" and feeds off the emotional spectrum.

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Frankly I think you are being more than fair by giving the episode a full 3 stars, I would've given it a slightly lower grade of 2 to 2 1/2 stars. I agree with what you said about Fitz and Simmons, they come off as these two petulant children who also just happen to be really smart (frankly if they were children I think I could forgive them) but it's like "Geez, I know you two are scientist but can you at least try to act like competent adults that have done this before!?"

The only thing I would slightly disagree with you on is you're take on Agent Ward. I could totally see this highly trained, made to be a bad ass field operative who is suddenly thrust into a situation where he is on a team with the likes of two annoying "geeks" like FitzSimmons and a complete unknowing civilian like Skye have an attitude like "Why are any of you people here?" and on top of that the only other person he can relate to is the, reluctant to get involved in combat despite also being a bad ass, pilot.

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Definitely agree with all the pro Aquaman comments. In that first Justice League arc Johns managed to make him seem like more than just a founding member from the old DCU that he was throwing in for nostalgia reasons, but rather another important piece to the overall puzzle, every bit as important as any of the others. To just remove him like that for another character for no apparent reason is just wrong on so many levels.

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All I have to say is RIGHT ON! to everything you said, particularly to this point...

"I'll give you that nowadays a lot of words are tarnished, but it is necessary to understand those words in a context. The sense of "terrible" when we speak about movies cannot be put in parallel with its sense in the common life."

So if saying the movie was terrible is taking it "too far" to some allow me to use this word in it's place... Iron Man 3 was "DECENT" and that's the best I can say for it because it was far from "Great" and just shy of "Good" especially in comparison to it's predecessors and the other Marvel Cinematic Universe films that came before it.

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I don't know about anyone else but I got goose bumps when that S.H.I.EL.D doctor/scientist guy says to Maria Hill regarding Coulson "He really doesn't know does he?" and she responds "Of course he doesn't know. He can never know." Did anybody else catch that? And if you did, tell me if you think that was indicative of whether the Phil Coulson in this show is a Life Model Decoy or the Phil Coulson in the Avengers film was one.

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Must say I was thoroughly impressed! This was indeed the television event of the year (for me anyway). After being very apprehensive as to if it could work or not, I am now fully convinced it can and it will. Definitely going to be saving space on my DVR for this show!

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COULD NOT AGREE MORE!!! That was very well said and thank you so much for posting that clip! I honestly don't know how anyone could watch Superman II, a movie many still consider the best Superman movie ever made (more so the best representation of Superman), knowing how it ends and have a problem with Man of Steel's ending! Though everybody is entitled to their own opinion many of the comments on here with their simple "Man of Steel sucked because Superman doesn't kill period!" illustrate a perfect example of Mob Psychology.

And it saddens me to say but you @g_man as far as THIS website goes is the head of the Man of Steel lynch mob and have been since the day the film was released.

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Thanks for the concise yet comprehensive review Miss J! I read the first EA: Iris trade and enjoyed it but I lost track after Aspen launched the Hit List Agenda arc which featured the other EA's Lotus, Lily, and Orchid. Then I come on the site today and see there is a new EA: Iris series and I'm like "OMG, I'm super behind now!" but you've ensured me that I may just be able to jump into this series without being overburdened with reading the others.

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Do do do That's Superman!!

LOL!!! Why was that exactly the same thing I was thinking? I see you also watched the Robot Chicken DC Universe Special!