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Don't get me wrong I LOVED! Man of Steel, but Alan Taylor deserves a lot of props for what he did with Thor: The Dark World. The whole time I'm watching the scenes based in Asgard I was saying to myself "YES! Now this is what Asgard and the Asgardians themselves should look and act like!" Who would've thought a guy who's most notable credits prior to directing Thor 2 were "Director of some episodes of Game of Thrones" I mean he made Kenneth Branaugh look like a freakin' amateur director!

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Smallville battle was NUTS! Even though the final battle was more impactful, there was just more chaos and epic action to be had with the Smallville scene.

Totally agree!

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Faora should be in the Best Villain category. She was so badass!

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Personally I think Deathstroke's New 52 costume is one of the best character costume redesigns to come out of the relaunch and this figure clearly reflects that. The only thing that would make this figure any better than it already is, is if the mask part could be flipped up showing Slade's face but other than that I'd say it looks pretty awesome.

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These are all really nice, but I think my favorite has to be that Brett Booth Flash sketch.

Question: Is that second sketch by Phillip Tan the Iron Man foe/ally Guardsman?

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Guys, I was squealing like a little girl the moment Barry walked into his lab and I saw the lightning. I wasn't expecting the particle accelerator to be used like that and I couldn't love it any more! The wait until next year for more Barry will be unbearable!

Totally agree! When he did that, I was on the edge of my seat thinking "OMG, this is really about to happen! THIS moment , one of the key moments in all of DC comics is really about to happen TONIGHT!" As of tonight we have now seen all of these big moments take place on the big and small screens...

  1. Kal El's ship being sent of from Krypton to Earth
  2. Bruce Wayne's parents being murdered in front of him
  3. Hal Jordan receiving his GL ring from Abin Sur
  4. Tonight's event

All I need to see now is a comic accurate depiction of the birth of Wonder Woman and I'll be complete.

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So I stopped watching after episode 5. "Girl in the Flower Dress" and decided to start back up again tonight and I was glad to see it kind of picks up where I left off, but at the same time I'm like "So if the things that happened the last time I watched are just being revisited now, what were they doing in the four episodes I missed?" and I feel like the fact that I have to ask that question kind of looks bad on the show's part. Now Arrow on the other hand keeps me feeling like I can't afford to miss an episode less I miss the introduction of a key character or key element to the show's overall plot.

I will say this about tonight's episode of AoS though, as a native resident of Oakland, CA. I loved that little nod they gave to my city.

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LMAO at all the "meh" and "I'm not interested" comments on this thread knowing good and damn well they'll likely go see it on the first day or within the first week. You people are hilarious with your fake contrarian attitudes!

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Is it me or does JL 3000's Superman look like he is going to be a total douche based on that picture with him and Wonder Woman? And why does the JL 3000 Flash costume look like an awful attempt by the CW to give the TV version of Flash a new costume because they're afraid his regular one might look too campy!?

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I just could not bring myself to vote on this despite seeing Thor, Avengers, and Man of Steel (all at least 2 times), and the reason that is because I still have yet to see Thor: The Dark World which I feel you have to take into consideration since this is a scenario involving the movie versions of these characters and you have to take all movies featuring them into account. Despite Faora's pure badassness in Man of Steel I don't fault the majority on this one, remember in Thor he went up against the Destroyer and in Avengers he went up against Hulk, so in the films Thor does have some experience going up against foes that are in his strength class, and let us not forget the battle between Faora and Clark in Man of Steel was not fought solely between the two, she did have that big Kryptonian guy (who many of us thought might be Non in the early trailers and screen shots) throwing his shots at Clark throughout the fight as well.

All in all great choice on the combatants for this week's battle @k4tzm4n! Here's a quick suggestion for a future one... Faora vs. Lara Lor-Van (New 52 versions)!