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For those of us NOT bashing this movie I think we can all agree that 0:06 with Firefly and Cobra Commander is the best shot in this teaser, followed by 0:28 with Roadblock picking up his signature 50 calibre. Overall this is looking really good.

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@BigRed125 said:

@LordRequiem: Dude. Pulp Fiction. 'Nough said.


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@LordRequiem said:

I really hate that they have Ultimate Nick Fury and not the normal one, just so they could use a big name. And Samuel L. Jackson's not exactly a great actor. Each character had better get their fair share of screen time, I can see Thor and Hulk being sidelined for Downey Jr. and Chris Evans.

Riiiiight, because Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johanson are totally not big names, and it's not like Fox didn't already screw up 616 Fury back in the 90's with a god awful made for TV movie starring David JackMeOff...err...I mean Hasselhoff. It's also not because Ultimate Fury is a far superior character than the 616 version, who was practically designed to look just like the actor playing him, and since his first appearance in Ultimates #1 was pratically destined to be in a film, it's all so they could use an actor who (according to you) is not very good despite winning numerous awards over the course of his career, yeah that's totally it ;-P

That's also the same reason they chose Patrick Stewart to play Professor X, huh?

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@jaredbright said:

"Can we have our mutants back now?" That's why that 'No More Mutants' thing was done. Because of the New Avengers book and their Civil War thing.

Man, I hope they give this thing a beginning and a reason why they are fighting, that would make all the difference. That and the J. Scott Campbell variant cover!

I totally feel you! If this event doesn't end with a rebulstered mutant population it will be a total waist! New muntants with new powers and new alliegences.

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I knew Krypto couldn't be dead, yet it's funny to me how the folks here at Comicvine where so quick to state that the people behind Action Comics had "killed" him after issue #2 came out. So I now ask whoever wrote the review for that issue are you willing to admit you rushed to judgement, and apologize for doing so?

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Aquaman and the blogger was a really good moment and like Matt said it let me as the reader know that the writers aren't completely oblivious to what people think of certain characters and Geoff Johns has taken that and ran with it in the new 52.

For me another great moment in comics this year was the battle between Wolverine and Cyclops in Schism. I know that was in the Comic Vine top 100 moments in comics, which I wasn't sure if it was too soon for such an honor, but it definitely deserved to be in a top 10 list for 2011. I grew up watching the 90's X-Men cartoon and reading Jim Lee's run on X-Men during that time and the common underlying theme was the love triangle between Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Wolverine, and even though their battle in Schism was over a completely different issue altogether it still felt like the culmination of their decades long feud over her, especially when these words were said...


"She never loved you, you know? You always frightened her."


"Oh yeah? And if she were here now who do you think she would be more afraid of?"

Best comeback line EVER!

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I've always loved Helspont as a character and seeing him on the cover of Superman along with the ongoing Voodoo and Grifter comics just makes me ask what does this mean for some of the other WildC.A.Ts. Not neccessarily Majestic (who in my opinion is just a Superman clone), but the others like Zealot, Spartan, Maul, and Warblade? They're some Jim Lee's most well known original creations and with him spearheading the new 52 you have to wonder if he has any plans for these other great characters he helped create.

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@DarthShap said:

answer is in the comic book, is it not? In the new DCU, Barbara is James' and
Barbara Kean's (or an alternate version of her anyway because the reboot could
be used as an opportunity to remove all previous confusion). Barbara
Kean/whatever her name is now left her family (James, James Jr. and Barbara "Jr"/Barbara) when her daughter was twelve.

That's right, in the issue Barbara clearly tells her roommate that her mother left their family when she was twelve.

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@Donovan Montgomery said:

I miss "Casting Call" from Wizard magazine, thanks for bringing it back XD
I don't know any of the actors listed but Craig and he looks like a great Deathstroke. The others look like they could pull off he characters they are posted for.....

That is the first thing I thought about as I was reading this, that was a great segment of that magazine and the folks here at Comic Vine should make it their own.

BTW, what about Anna Kendrick (who played Stacey Pilgrim) something about her just screams out "cast me in movie about young super-heroes!" and to all the people saying how some of these particular actors look "too old" let's be real this movie would be more "Tween Titans" than anyting.

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Marz and Sejic were an amazing duo on Witchblade. I was never all that interested in the character before their run but during their time on series they not only got me interested in her but the Top Cow universe as a whole. I'll follow them to any title or character be it Magdelena, Tom Judge, or any of the artifact bearers.