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@SexualLobster said:

I'm the only one that thinks these are sloppy?

Especially the one of Black Widow, with Cap just thrown in there for shits and giggles? :/

Not at all, I totally agree with you. Some of these look like really bad cut & paste jobs. However I do think the one with Thor and Black Widow looks kinda cool.

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@Obsidian307 said:

Isn't that the old Iron Man costume? Doesn't he have a triangle pad core in his chest?

On Marvel's website the director said that it would be explained in the movie why some shots show him wearing the suit with the triangular chestplate and others with him wearing the one with the circular chestplate.

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@sethysquare: Yeah I also agree with you it really isn't that hard of a concept to understand and if new readers really need help understanding the concept of a parallel earth then they just need a crash course in comics in general.

I was just thinking moments before reading this how I really hope we get a New 52 take on Earth 3 (at least I think it's Earth 3) the Earth with the Crime Syndicate, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that one.

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I know this has nothing to do with this post, but all I know is Batman of Earth 2 better be Dick Grayson or I'll be sorely disappointed.

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@zackattack529 said:

@Or35ti: comic stores usually take them out of the group and put it near the register and thus charge more(usually $8 or up)

my Local comic store doesnt charge but the cover price, downside is youd have to wait in front of the store and youd have to be first, because its a small shop and only order maybe a 100 or less of big comics, so therfore thered only be like 3-4 variants and those are usually sold out before the store opebns because employees have every right to pre-order the variant if they feel(which they always do) so variants can be harder to come by, more specifically (green lantern and batman)

Man, I thought my local store was the only one that did that! I hate that they do, it's always the best looking variants too. They jack the price up to $10 or $12 (grrrrr)

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@JangoCrossfire said:

Instead of TRANS4MERS, I think they should just reboot it and give us the War on Cybertron.

Totally agree but wouldn't that be considered a "prequal"? Either way great idea.

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To think I was just slightly considering dropping Green Lantern and making it one of my "in store" reads, but that idea quickly left my mind after reading this issue, that being said here's my take... I don't think the Book of the Black was neccessarily showing Sinestro the future, but a possible future if certain things do indeed happen. As someone once stated on this site regarding the Indigo tribe they appear to be more or less slaves (for lack of a better phrase) to their rings as oppose to willing soldiers, and their membership most likely consist entirely of criminals Abin Sur came across prior to his death and forced them into this corps, also I believe it was Abin Sur who first tapped into the power of compassion and created this corps in the first place but kept it a secret from the guardians (and his fellow lanterns) as they would not have approved and would have likely kicked him out of the GL corps. Those are my predictions anyway, but we'll see next issue.

BTW Abin Sur's name is clearly referenced in the Indigo tribes oath.

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Loved this ad, still not sure if Loki's "army" is Asgardian or Alien though but we will see.

BTW if you refer to the character as "black Nick Fury" when talking about how much you hate the character and then turn around and say "it's not because the character is black" you've already contradicted yourself. Fundamentally speaking ULTIMATE Nick Fury is just like his 616 counterpart except the two obvious differences as in hair (or lack thereof on Ultimate Fury) and skin color. That and the fact that Ultimate Fury is probably written more dastardly than the 616 version, and by "dastardly" I mean he's more willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

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It's funny, last year around this time when I first saw the Superbowl ad for Transformers 3 I said to myself "Who would've ever thought we'd get three Transformers movies before we got one "decent" G.I. Joe!" Don't get me wrong I liked Rise of Cobra for what it was, a good popcorn action flick, but compared to Transformers 1 and 2 it failed. I hope beyond hope this movie changes all that because honestly I always was more of a G.I. Joe kid than a Transformers one growing up.

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Although I gotta say I really wish Scarlett was in this movie, even if they had recast the role I would've at least liked to have the character in this movie, to me she's just one of those essential characters in G.I. Joe like Snake Eyes or Duke.