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I hope the new show is as good or better, because the Spidey cartoon is just lame.

Avengers Assemble is said too be set in the same universe as Ultimate Spider-Man.

Exactly!!! so for those of you with your heads up your asses who think that some how this new Avengers toon will be superior I ask...

1. Did you ever actually watch Avengers: EMH? and 2. Do you watch Ultimate Spider-man? If you answered yes to both those questions and you still think EMH sucked and this new series will be better than I say to you that you really don't know a good animated adaptation of a comic when you see one. Quite frankly EMH was possibly the best animated program Marvel has done since the 90's X-Men cartoon but I guess those of you saying EMH sucked probably think X-Men Evolution was better than that. And for those of you downing EMH's animation style I ask, is it really any worse than Bruce Timm's take on the DC characters?

How can anybody not see this as anything more than a way for Marvel to further capitalize on the success of The Avengers film?

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Tony thank you for your honest answer as to why Wonder Woman's swimsuit style costume won't work in a movie. I've been trying to explain this to people for what seems like forever, but if they go with an outfit that looks similar to the pics ArtisticNeedham posted with that Greco-Roman style to it along with a great story then the movie should be easy to pull off.

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I actually have a problem with both the MK I and MK II armors being there. I mean the MK I armor was the original one he created while captured which was ultimately destroyed upon his escape, Stane may have found the parts but he created a whole different armor which was actually larger than the MK I, so unless that's the Iron Monger armor it really shouldn't be there. As for the MK II as we all know Rhodey took that and turned it into the War Machine armor so it shouldn't be in his armory either. Will these minor continuity errors keep me from seeing the movie... you bet your ass they won't!

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IMO this has been one of the most consistantly good reads of the New 52 books. Winick is a great writer and while I do miss Ben Oliver's art Marcus To is a fine substitute what I find most interesting (if not a bit troubling) is how DC has managed to make a compelling series featuring an African character but failed to do so with their African-American characters (i.e. Static and Mister Terrific). I do think DC needs to cool it on the Batman guest appearances in this and other Bat-family books, to me they make the character appear as though he's not as capable of a crime fighter without poppa Batman coming in to check on him every so many issues.

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Look I like every person who visits this site regularly am an active comic book reader and as such I'd like to think that our imaginations are highly more active than the non-reader so with that said I must say how very disappointed I am that Marvel has decided to go in this direction. I mean personally I would much rather play as my own originally thought of character with his own original name and powers fighting with or against my favorite Marvel heroes and Villains than just one of 100s (if not 1000s) of clones of characters that already exist in Marvel cannon. And then for Marvel to gloss over this fact just by saying "You can customize you character based on any costume they've ever worn in the comics." is just a further insult.

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Question: Considering how closely tied together they are and the fact that Thanos appeared in the pre credits scene in Avengers (thus alluding to him being in a sequel) ultimately mean we can expect to see Adam Warlock in an Avengers sequel as well? I'm sorry if this spoils the ending to Avengers for some of you but you should've seen it by now :-p

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I love Marvel Universe figures because like you said their small size makes them easier to collect. These two look awesome as do the Quicksilver/Wonder Man and Gambit/Mr. Sinister two packs, while I agree at $20 the price is a bit steep... oh well I guess I'm gonna just have to suck it up and splurg on myself a little in order to get these.

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@The Stegman said:

If she gets a movie before Wonder Woman, I'mma choke someone.

Well that person should be someone from DC and/or Warner Bros. because you surely can't blame Marvel for introducing Black Widow in the films and making her such a compelling character, meanwhile DC still refuses to even entertain the idea of a Wonder Woman movie despite her long standing status as one of the best (if not the greatest) female superhero and us fans constantly asking for one.

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Damnit!!! and here I thought the Thanos scene was the final scene. Oh well that just gives more reason to see it again on Sunday! All in all words can not express how much I enjoyed this movie.

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@Super_SoldierXII: Totally agree!

@Dafyd: Damn you make a good point! I keep forgetting it was Loeb who wrote Ultimatum, maybe because I sub-consciously try to block it from memory. Much props go to the writers that have come after and used all of their talents to salvage things from that debacle of a story.

It's like, what the Hell are you doing Loeb? You took Wolverine's arch-nemesis and made him the bitch of a completely new villain who hasn't really even registered in the hearts and minds of the readers! I mean I still find myself asking "Who is Romulus again and why is he such a threat to Wolverine?" I'll check out the story before bashing it, but Loeb better have one helluva story up his butt if he doesn't want to permenately incur the wrath of the Wolverine fanbase.

BTW, After the death of Sabretooth Marvel really should've went with Wolverine's supposed "brother" from Wolverine: The End I think he would've made for a much more interesting new villain than that Romulus guy.