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Question: Considering how closely tied together they are and the fact that Thanos appeared in the pre credits scene in Avengers (thus alluding to him being in a sequel) ultimately mean we can expect to see Adam Warlock in an Avengers sequel as well? I'm sorry if this spoils the ending to Avengers for some of you but you should've seen it by now :-p

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I love Marvel Universe figures because like you said their small size makes them easier to collect. These two look awesome as do the Quicksilver/Wonder Man and Gambit/Mr. Sinister two packs, while I agree at $20 the price is a bit steep... oh well I guess I'm gonna just have to suck it up and splurg on myself a little in order to get these.

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@The Stegman said:

If she gets a movie before Wonder Woman, I'mma choke someone.

Well that person should be someone from DC and/or Warner Bros. because you surely can't blame Marvel for introducing Black Widow in the films and making her such a compelling character, meanwhile DC still refuses to even entertain the idea of a Wonder Woman movie despite her long standing status as one of the best (if not the greatest) female superhero and us fans constantly asking for one.

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Damnit!!! and here I thought the Thanos scene was the final scene. Oh well that just gives more reason to see it again on Sunday! All in all words can not express how much I enjoyed this movie.

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@Super_SoldierXII: Totally agree!

@Dafyd: Damn you make a good point! I keep forgetting it was Loeb who wrote Ultimatum, maybe because I sub-consciously try to block it from memory. Much props go to the writers that have come after and used all of their talents to salvage things from that debacle of a story.

It's like, what the Hell are you doing Loeb? You took Wolverine's arch-nemesis and made him the bitch of a completely new villain who hasn't really even registered in the hearts and minds of the readers! I mean I still find myself asking "Who is Romulus again and why is he such a threat to Wolverine?" I'll check out the story before bashing it, but Loeb better have one helluva story up his butt if he doesn't want to permenately incur the wrath of the Wolverine fanbase.

BTW, After the death of Sabretooth Marvel really should've went with Wolverine's supposed "brother" from Wolverine: The End I think he would've made for a much more interesting new villain than that Romulus guy.

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First let me say great post. Second let me say...

No to Beyonce, I doubt if they could get her to do it anyway even if they could still NO!

No to Angela Basset, I love her as an actress and she looks great for her age but I need someone younger, again sorry Angie.

I could get down with Taraji P. Henson she's young, beautiful, and a very talented black actress (maybe a bit short thought. IDK)

Zoe Saldana, OMG did you see her in Columbiana!? She is definitely on her way to being Hollywoods premier kick ass black actress and she would probably be my first choice, but if not her I'd go with...

KERRY WASHINGTON, all of the same wonderful qualities as Ms. Henson and Zoe Saldana plus she's been in Marvel movies already as many of you may remember her as Alicia Masters from the Fantastic Four films. Now I hate recasting as much as the next person, but if Chris Evans can play Captain America after having already played Human Torch than Ms. Washington can definitely play Misty, and if you need proof of her acting chops just watch her new show Scandal on ABC.

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@entropy_aegis said:

With Helspont as a Superman villain hopefully the Superman writers will lay off Darkseid.

Yeah, I've always seen Darkseid as a threat to all heroes not just another villain in Superman's rogues gallery. I personally believe that in the New 52 they're going to make Darkseid more of a transdemensional threat sort of like the Anti-monitor judging by the cover of Earth-2 and what Superman said in Justice League #6 about having a vision of Darkseid attacking other worlds and on one he saw himself.

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I hope beyond hope that DC puts Static on the Teen Titans. He could serve as that key character that links the Titans to the JLA (and if you want to know how just read Teen Titans #6) besides as far as I'm concerned the Titans have 3 characters that are really serving no better purpose anyway other than just being new characters so I say why not just get rid of one (or two) of them and replace them with Static, or they could just add him to the current roster, either way Static needs to be a Teen Titan!

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@ThePRez said:

imagine if they do the ultimate black widow thing, when she turn out to be a traitor

omg that would be AWESOME!

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Well I haven't been on here all that long, but I'm sure everything will be just fine if not better and you guys seem pretty confident about it so I say congrats. As long as the wonderful wiki you guys have here remains the same I'm fine, I mean when it comes to things comic related the wiki on this site beats others by leaps and bounds.

If I could just make one suggestion (more of a request really), can you guys please do more "casting calls" for has yet to be made comic book films? You guys did one for Teen Titans a couple of months back and I really thought that was cool. It took me back to the days when Wizard magazine use to do those, ya know before the comic adapted movie boom we've had over the course of this last decade, and the fact is there are still so many characters out there we have yet to see on the big (or small) screen it'd be nice to know which actors and actresses you experts think would be right for certain roles.