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Don't know about the multiple movies a year approach but I will say this, and I know it's going to cause many on here to get upset with me, but I think Disney should just completely pass over the period right after ROTJ and start Episode VII right in the Star Wars: Legacy era. The pros to this are... 1. You get to keep the expanded universe established by the novels intact. 2. With the next film taking place in during the Legacy timeline Disney will have the freedom to cast all new actors for the key roles instead of feeling fan pressure to bring back the stars of the previous films to reprise their old roles, 3. Since Legacy is a comic series and not a book series (and also not as well known as some of the novels) the writers can pick and choose what elements they want to use and which ones to omit, heck we see it all the time with comic to movie adaptations why should Legacy be any different? (and mind you I'm saying this as a fan of that series)

Now I'll admit there are cons to this as well some of the biggest ones being... 1. We won't get to see Mark Hamil, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford reprise their old roles, however let's remember guys and girls that Harrison Ford is 70 years old, Mark Hamil is 61, and Carrie Fisher is 56, so unless your ready to accept new actors in those roles (which I'm not sure I am) any movie based directly after ROTJ is unlikely, 2. Long established EU stories that people felt to be the true sequel to the original Star Wars trilogy (i.e. The Thrawn Trilogy) won't be realized on the big screen, 3. Movies based on completely new characters in a totally new timeframe may alienate long time fans, (though I remember this same thing being said about Episode I so...)

So while I personally would like to see the new movies based on the Star Wars: Legacy comics I understand those who may not share my views, however be forewarned that if you insist the next films be based directly after Episode VI be prepared to accept new actors in the main roles and/or the continuity of the EU books to be almost completely trashed.

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Now I'm not sure, but I think they thought Dr. Shin was the traitor but once they came to realize they that he was just an unwilling pawn in Manta's plan they let him go. I totally agree with your sentiments regarding the issue though. I was hoping we'd get a glimpse at Ocean Master too.

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I can totally accept Cade as the central protagonist of a new trilogy! For starters his timeline (138 after the events of the first movie) puts him just far enough away from the original trilogy that everything that happens after it in the EU stories (i.e. the Thrawn trilogy) can still happen. Plus since he is a completely new character, in a completely new time period Disney can feel free to cast an entirely new cast of young, fresh actors, and still maybe get Mark Hamil to cameo as a force ghost Luke Skywalker (it's like having your cake and eating it too!). Besides when it comes to the original cast reprising their old roles lets be honest here not all of the original cast may even be up to it, I mean read that Lucas met with Mark Hamil and Carrie Fisher but who knows when's the last time he has spoke to Harrison Ford. Speaking of Han Solo that's another thing that's great about Cade, he's like Han and Luke all rolled into one with the whole being a Jedi turned smuggler and all, with both of their strengths and weaknesses. Lastly with the Legacy comics a writer can have more leeway with the already established story, don't get me wrong I enjoyed the entire legacy series but if a story arc or two was left out in order to keep the movie from being too long than so be it. I don't feel novels give a writer the same leeway and hardcore fans of the novels will what to see pretty much everything they've read in those novels over the years to be translated to the screen, on the other hand one of the first things we comic book lovers had to learn to deal with during the comic book movie boom of the last decade is that the story told on the screen will not be exactly as we first read it in the comics and will almost certainly have some major changes.

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@Babs: You knocked this one out of the park Babs, hats off to you madame! This article expressed everything I've felt about these two characters and this series as a whole. I too was first drawn to this by way of that awesome Huntress mni-series you mentioned, I loved how the writer kept us guessing until the very end as to wether or not this was a "New" Huntress or the same old Huntress we had come to know and the ending with PG appearing made it seem that there was going to be great things on the horizon for these two, then came issue 1 and I was like "OK good start but I'm not sure this is worthy of being a monthly buy." so I desginated it one of my "in store" reads and sure enough 6 issues in (including the 0 issue) I was right. I personally was expecting something more along the lines of the Superman/Batman series but not as all over the place that series had gotten (especially towards the end) but more along the lines of where it was in its first few story arcs where it was about Superman & Batman and their relationship with one another first and their relationship with the rest of the DCU second. With World's Finest it's as if the rest of Earth 0 doesn't exist or PG and Huntress choose to ignore the pressence of the rest of the world altogether and vice-versa. All I know is DC better do something fast or else this could be the first of the "second wave" to be put on the chopping block.

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My only gripe about this armor is I would've liked to see more repulsor nodes like on his Bleeding Edge armor, but other than that I'm fine with it. Can't wait to see the movie, hope they ramp up the action though Iron Man 2 left me a little wanting.

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Great review Sara and Tony, I totally agree with both of your analysis of the show. I wouldn't say this was something I was clamoring to see but since it happened to be on at a time when pretty much nothing else was on I figured I tune in. I completely agree with all the comments about the violence and was totally shocked this was on the CW but I totally loved it.

I know we don't really want to spoil anything for anybody who might not have seen it yet, but am I the only one who's face was like :-O at that ending with his mom? Again I don't want to spoil it but for those of you who watched it you should know what I'm talking about, that alone has got me more intrigued.

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Yeah I totally feel what a lot of you are saying and while I too have never really been all that interested in this show before I gotta admit that, that preview to season 5 looks pretty awesome, 'll especially be on the lookout for that episode where you have Sidious versus Maul and Opress. That being said I think if Lucasfilm really wanted to capitilize on the Star Wars franchise they need to tap into the Legacy era with Luke's descendent Cade Skywalker. The first couple of seasons could be based on the story as told in the Star Wars: Legacy comics after that they'll have free range to tell whatever stories they like without having to worry so much about keeping it in line with Star Wars canon as is the problem with Clone Wars.

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Well said G-Man, I know I've been feeling this way for a very long time. I was just getting into comics when DC versus Marvel was hitting stores. The thought of these two powerhouses coming together had me hooked, even despite the fact that looking back on it some of the outcomes to the battles didn't make a lick of sense (i.e Wolverine vs. Lobo with Wolverine winning) but at the time it was just so cool seeing these former "What if?" type matches finally taking place you just didn't care, and then as you mentioned something amazing happened and we got Amalgam right in the midst of it.

Since then several things have happened that I think would make DC vs. Marvel even more awesome today like...

1.The expansion of the internet. If you'll recall some of the outcomes in DC vs. Marvel were decided by fan voting in which you had to mail in to either of the publishers. If they got together and did something like this again fan voting over the internet via a Facebook page lets say could make the outcomes evern more interesting. (as long as the characters are evenly matched that is)

2. The creation of Ultimate Marvel.

3. The re-establishment of the DC multiverse.

4. The creation of the New 52.

I know many won't agree with me on the last one but I mention it as being a key component to re-establishing the Amalgam universe.

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@jinxuandi said:

@Barkley said:

people you cant put a comic book onscreen it will look dumb you have make it relateable

Jeez I know. You can't please some people. If the producers try to alter details to make the show accessible to people who don't read comics (a.k.a. the vast majority of people!), people whine that it's not close enough to the comic. If the show is a clone of the comic, you end up with a crap show and the same people will complain "it's not relatable enough" after it's cancelled.

Get a grip, people. Give me one reason why is Dinah Lance, florist more acceptable than Laurel Lance, lawyer other than the first appears in the comic.

But "WE" as in those of us who frequently visit this site aren't the vast majority of people. If you regularly visit a site called "ComicVine" then you likely read COMICS and when a tv show or movie comes out based on the characters you love from said medium you tend to want them to stay as true to their origins as possible, now I agree with you a few minor tweaks like changing her from a florist to a lawyer is just fine in my book, it's just the things like not using her real name (Dinah) is what gets my goat, and if we continue to just "accept" changes to things like character's names and origin stories then you just lose the essence of the characters all together and the show becomes this very loosely based thing that's only recognizable by a few names and locations.