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I got to admit, I find those of you comparing what Namor did in AvX to what Scarlet Witch did in House of M really appalling. Wanda took away 99% of the mutant populations POWERS, Namor took Wakandan people's LIVES. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I do not recall a single mutants death immediately following Wanda saying "No More Mutants." Yes I understand mutants were killed as an indirect result, in many cases left defenseless without their powers but that is completely different than a single individual using his abilities to commit mass murder! Let me put it in a very basic "real world" sense, it is a completely different thing if I take away people's means of protecting themselves, i.e. their guns (nothing political) and they are later killed as a result of my actions, as oppose to if I personally go out and kill people with my own gun.

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Gwen Stacy in that first pick Paolo Rivera looks a lot like Emma Stone to me.

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That video alone makes me regret the fact that I only just got into this show towards the end of last season. I have missed soooo much, fortunately Fox plays reruns late night on Saturdays! To think I was so concerned that this show would just totally destroy SW movie continuity but I realize now that is doesn't do that at all, in fact if this series had come out first maybe Episode 3 wouldn't have sucked as bad as it did. My one gripe, Ahsoka is still annoying.

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Batman looks like he's flying in that one with Spiderman. The Bret Booth stuff looks awesome.

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@sora_thekey said:

Why can't we pretend that X-Men: The Last Stand never happend??

Allow me to be the third co-signer to that statement. lol

I still think this movie might be alright though.

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What I wouldn't give for DC to come out with a line of 3 3/4" figures like Marvel Universe, especially now that they are doing figures based on New 52 character designs. Don't get me wrong these are awesome, but they are just so big and take up space that I really don't have.

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@evilvegeta74 said:

@cbishop said:

It sounds like H'el has an awful lot of the elements of Brainiac's story, from when DC started linking his origin to Krypton. Could he be a New 52 stand-in for that version of Brainiac, or even Brainiac in disguise?

I thinking along those lines as well.

You guys must not have read the first story arc of Action Comics because it is there that you'll find the answers to your "Brianiac in the New 52" questions. I personally believe this is a classic case of a writer having a great idea for a character (i.e. Bizarro) and the powers that be saying "Nope, you can't do that with Bizarro."

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I have loved Manu Bennet in that role on Spartacus and it's because of that I know he will make a great Slade. Really looking forward to this!

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Well I've always taken Lois and Clark's pre-dating, pre-marriage relationship in the old DC as her just being oblivious to that fact, and it would appear that the writers are sort of going that same route with them in the DCnU, but I agree with you that I hope they make more out of him and Wonder Woman so he can (if at least for a few issues) be over this school boy crush he has with Lois. I even hope they take it a step further and maybe even make Lois start to get a little jealous of the "mystery woman" in Clark's life and after reading that preview I think they intend to do just that.

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Don't know about the multiple movies a year approach but I will say this, and I know it's going to cause many on here to get upset with me, but I think Disney should just completely pass over the period right after ROTJ and start Episode VII right in the Star Wars: Legacy era. The pros to this are... 1. You get to keep the expanded universe established by the novels intact. 2. With the next film taking place in during the Legacy timeline Disney will have the freedom to cast all new actors for the key roles instead of feeling fan pressure to bring back the stars of the previous films to reprise their old roles, 3. Since Legacy is a comic series and not a book series (and also not as well known as some of the novels) the writers can pick and choose what elements they want to use and which ones to omit, heck we see it all the time with comic to movie adaptations why should Legacy be any different? (and mind you I'm saying this as a fan of that series)

Now I'll admit there are cons to this as well some of the biggest ones being... 1. We won't get to see Mark Hamil, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford reprise their old roles, however let's remember guys and girls that Harrison Ford is 70 years old, Mark Hamil is 61, and Carrie Fisher is 56, so unless your ready to accept new actors in those roles (which I'm not sure I am) any movie based directly after ROTJ is unlikely, 2. Long established EU stories that people felt to be the true sequel to the original Star Wars trilogy (i.e. The Thrawn Trilogy) won't be realized on the big screen, 3. Movies based on completely new characters in a totally new timeframe may alienate long time fans, (though I remember this same thing being said about Episode I so...)

So while I personally would like to see the new movies based on the Star Wars: Legacy comics I understand those who may not share my views, however be forewarned that if you insist the next films be based directly after Episode VI be prepared to accept new actors in the main roles and/or the continuity of the EU books to be almost completely trashed.