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Ah the real Avengers

LOL, if your a Brit or fan of that old show from the 60's maybe!

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All I can say is I hope Fox NEVER manages to get a Fantastic Four reboot off the ground and they are ultimately forced to give the rights to that franchise back to Marvel Studios just like they had to do with Daredevil. They are incompetent and no absolutely nothing about making proper films based on comics characters, and mind you this has nothing to do with Mr. Jordan, I would really just prefer to see Marvel's first family back home where they belong done right! Not some half assed thrown together film that I know in my heart this is bound to be, made by a studio that's just out to make a quick buck!

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You know, as redundant as it is (hey Superman fans, a new Superman movie is coming out next month!), that Man of Steel banner actually looks kind of nice.

Yeah I really hate when they put those on the comics and it really dates them too (like when you're looking through your books and see one with a banner for Batman Begins or Superman Returns) but in this particular case, for this particular comic it's not so bad.

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@pspin said:

I want it to be Luke Cage because seeing him in live action would be awesome but I don't want it to be him because a movie would be so much better suited for his character.

Totally agree with everything you said, and I would add despite the guy they have (potentially) playing him being a great actor, he's just a little too thin to be Luke Cage in my opinion.

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Went to go see Iron Man 3 this past Friday, won a free movie ticket which expires on 8/8/13, no need to guess which movie I'll be using it for!

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Great reviews guys, you both have renewed my confidence and I once again look forward to seeing this! BTW, way to keep them spoiler free I know that's got to be tough.

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For me it would have to be his escape in his first armor in the first Iron Man, it was both cool (from an action standpoint) and emotional especially when Yensin died sacrificing his life so Tony could escape and it was at that moment Tony realized his purpose.

A very close second would be the hostage rescue from Iron Man 1 only if it also includes his dog fight with the F-22 Raptors.

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Dude if this was Facebook I totally would've given you a "Like" for that. The only thing I somewhat disagree with is the notion that Wolverine can't carry his own solo films, only because I believe that with above average writers and a studio that's equally concerned with telling a compelling story as it is making money (yeah I'm talking to you Fox) they can accomplish the task of making a Wolverine film that's more than just a 2 hour (or however long the movie is) hack and slash beat 'em up.

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Favorite part of the interview...

CV: While we’re on the subject, do you have a favorite comic book movie?

KH: You know, I have to say X2was pretty good! Am I allowed to pick it?

CV: Sure, you can totally plug it. It’s a good one!

KH: I think it’s one of the best! (laughs)

CV: How do you feel about Hugh Jackman killing you?

KH: Ugh, it was so disappointing, but it was such a beautiful death, wasn't it?

CV: Absolutely.

and the thing is even to this day both that movie and that scene remain one of the best films based off of a comic book and one of the best fight scenes. I always found it so funny how her character ofDeathstrike was giving Logan so much trouble that he had to resort to just pumping her full of adamantium just to be rid of her, lol.

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Absolutely love it! Now if DC will get Kenneth Rocafort to design a New 52 take on the Eradicator then we'll really be in business. Also, when is Steel going to make another appearance? Hopefully it's at the same time Cyborg Superman shows up I would love to see Kenneth Rocafort draw him. fingers crossed!