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Tony Stark - President

Luke Cage - Vice President

Total Presidential odd couple, Cage represents the 99%, Stark the 1% however Stark is one of the few of the 1% who is for the 99% plus he already has the political acumen required to hold the office of President with his time as Secretary of Defense and Head of S.H.I.E.I.D and could teach Cage the clever game of politics.

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Let me start by saying that I'm saying this as someone who had no problems with Rob Liefield before his run on Deathstroke but after seeing how he absolutely wrecked that book like an irresponsible teenager who had just been given the keys to a brand new Lamborghini I want him no where near any comic I might have a slight interest in reading! That being said it is clear his horrible run on Deathstroke is the catalyst for its cancelation despite the fact that it was a few issues ago now the series just never recovered. One may argue "Deathstroke was never really that good" I beg to differ because anyone who read the first story arc can see that both the art and the writing was grade A+

As for Ravagers my feelings are different, my hope is that maybe with the cancelation of this book we can get another crossover with them and the Titans which see's certain characters either leave the team or just get killed off (writer's choice) and we can have the Teen Titans team we should had at the start of the New 52 featuring Red Robin, Superboy, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Beast Boy, and Terra.

Lastly let me say that if the image above is reflective of a new style change/upgrade to Batwing's armor then I am all for it. Wish that Ken Lashley guy was going to be the permanent artist on the title though.

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This looks like it could be really good and I'm sure I'll enjoy it, I'm just a little tired of every DC animated film revolving around either Superman, Batman, or both. Okay I know there are a few that don't just feature Superman and Batman i.e. the Justice League animated movies (Doom, Crisis on Two Earths, and New Frontier) and the ones that don't have Superman and Batman in them at all like Wonder Woman and the two Green Lantern movies but that's exactly my point, why can't we get more animated features like those from DC featuring characters who haven't had a chance to star in their own solo work like Flash or Aquaman... (I would also say Green Arrow but the Arrow T.V series is handling that quite nicely). Or how bout more movies based on major crossover events like Infinite Crisis, Blackest Night, or Flashpoint. Or ones that take place in another reality Kingdom Come! I'm just saying there's all kinds of material they can use from all over the DCU why do they keep going back to just Superman and Batman!?

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@ssejllenrad said:

Give her an "ancient" costume feel like what Marvel did with Thor.

Donna Troy's Wonder Woman costume would be effective methinks.

I could totally get down with this.

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It's just not the same when Mark Hamil is not doing the voice of the Joker.

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@Madame_Mist said:

I miss Rocafort.

Totally agree! 100%

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I got to admit, I find those of you comparing what Namor did in AvX to what Scarlet Witch did in House of M really appalling. Wanda took away 99% of the mutant populations POWERS, Namor took Wakandan people's LIVES. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I do not recall a single mutants death immediately following Wanda saying "No More Mutants." Yes I understand mutants were killed as an indirect result, in many cases left defenseless without their powers but that is completely different than a single individual using his abilities to commit mass murder! Let me put it in a very basic "real world" sense, it is a completely different thing if I take away people's means of protecting themselves, i.e. their guns (nothing political) and they are later killed as a result of my actions, as oppose to if I personally go out and kill people with my own gun.

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Gwen Stacy in that first pick Paolo Rivera looks a lot like Emma Stone to me.

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That video alone makes me regret the fact that I only just got into this show towards the end of last season. I have missed soooo much, fortunately Fox plays reruns late night on Saturdays! To think I was so concerned that this show would just totally destroy SW movie continuity but I realize now that is doesn't do that at all, in fact if this series had come out first maybe Episode 3 wouldn't have sucked as bad as it did. My one gripe, Ahsoka is still annoying.

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Batman looks like he's flying in that one with Spiderman. The Bret Booth stuff looks awesome.