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Yes Cap's new duds are totally awesome, and I think the concept of Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch is really starting to grow on me

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C.C.H Pounder (the actress who voices Waller) would be perfect to play Waller on screen. I mean she's not chubby but oh well she is still a very talented actress.

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@madeinbangladesh: HAHAHAHA!!! NICE! That quite literally was the case for me as far as this episode goes because as soon as it hit 8:30 my girl called me with some drama making it virtually impossible to finish watching the show.

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First let me say THANK YOU! for adding this feature to CV, I always loved the "Casting Call" portion of Wizard Magazine and it is great to see it here on this site especially considering how now-a-days ANY character/team/concept from a comic company either presently being published or published in times past can be made into a feature film. Interesting choice going with The Exiles for the first one, I'll have to re-read my Exiles trades to really see how much I agree with your choice of actors. I look forward to future segments of this.

And just out of curiosity, who would you get to play Sabretooth?

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I hope with the litany of comic based movies coming out this year we can get another scenario like the movie Black Widow vs. TV Green Arrow or movie Faora vs. movie Thor ones. @k4tzm4n one that I've always felt you should do is Selene from the Underworld series vs. movie Blade. Or maybe one of them vs. Adam Frankenstein from the I, Frankenstein film.

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YES!!! The two I want to see the most are leading the pack! J/K I know this poll doesn't mean anything it's just nice to not be in the minority for once. I'll say though out of Hush and Court of Owls I'm leaning more towards the latter. I just think, if done right, it would provide us with a Batman animated movie in which we can have a "have our cake and eat it too" type of situation where we get a Batman centered movie that will also include the whole Bat-family as well (maybe even introduce my favorite member Batwing). For it to be done properly and have as much of the whole story included as possible I think it would be best done in two parts like Dark Knight Returns was.

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So I guess this means all you folks that were worried that all of the DC animated films would be based in the New 52 since the release of Flashpoint Paradox can relax now! It's just as I've always said the DC animated films are all stand alone stories, the New 52 just gives them more story arcs to work with.

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@leokearon said:

The real Mandarin was Killian.

Great to see Trevor back

Sort of, there's a lot of work arounds to that. One that he had no connection to the 10 rings from the first film who were meant to tie into the mandarin at some point. When Killian said he was the Mandarin it's more likely he meant figuratively, that he wrote and created the Mandarin that Slattery played and he caused all the attacks so HE in that way was the mandarin that people were afraid of. That how I took that. There's still a way that a more traditional mandarin could exist in the MCU and Killian used like a legend of him to influence his figure.

Great point and that's exactly how I looked at it too. Killian didn't literally mean he was the Mandarin, he was basically saying to Tony in that moment that, "All this time you've been chasing after an apparition, a figment of my imagination while this whole time I was the one you should've been going after because I'm the true mastermind behind all this."

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I didn't see the post credits scene in Thor: The Dark World, but the pre-credits scene with Sif, Volstagg, and The Collector had me absolutely geeked when she said "Infinity Stones" and he said "One down, five to go." That alone would've had me vote it Best Credits Scene. When you consider that and the fact that we saw Thanos in the post credits scene in Avengers how can you not be excited?

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Don't get me wrong I LOVED! Man of Steel, but Alan Taylor deserves a lot of props for what he did with Thor: The Dark World. The whole time I'm watching the scenes based in Asgard I was saying to myself "YES! Now this is what Asgard and the Asgardians themselves should look and act like!" Who would've thought a guy who's most notable credits prior to directing Thor 2 were "Director of some episodes of Game of Thrones" I mean he made Kenneth Branaugh look like a freakin' amateur director!