SDCC: Hasbro Marvel Universe "What if..." Teaser Images

Now... I collects me a LOT of toys and modify even more than that, but I don't buy any MU unless it's absolutely AWESOME. These images have me intrigued tho. I think I like guessing games. I definitely see a Speedball, Ben Reilly, WWH (they've shown a teaser for him already), Starlord, and another Wolverine in there. 
Any guesses?
Posted by Strafe Prower

Well the 3rd one looks similar to Mockingbird's old costume. 
5th looks like the Black Knight 
7th looks like a version of CA. Maybe Patriot, U.S. Agent or Bucky. Could even be steve. 
8th one looks like another Black Knight to me. 
5th on the second row reminds me of Magneto a bit.  
Thats all that I see at the moment.

Posted by Bathory1313

Here are my guesses for the lot
First row, 
The first one looks like speed ball, 2 second bagman spidey in ff costume,3 mocking bird, 4 Nova, 5 Black Knight,  6th looks like Crimson spidey or ben riley, 7 Captain America (Bucky) 8th valkarie or Dani Moon star in the Asgard Series 9 Crimson Dynamo 10 looks like Hulk WW version
second row 
 1 Silver Sable? , 2 Wolvie indeed just not sure which costume, 3 and 4 Fernis (The Strucker twins), 5 Namor , 6 Dr. Doom, 7 Sentry

Posted by danhimself

2. looks like Paper Bag Spider-man
9. Ultimate Iron Man
13. and 14. look like Aurora and Northstar

Posted by BoomBoom

2.Paper bag Spiderman 
3.   Mockingbird 
4 . Nova
5.  Black Knight 
6.  ben riley (Coming out)
7.  Captain America (Bucky) (Coming out)
8.Task Master  (Coming out)
9.Ultimate Iron Man (Coming out)
10. W.W.Hulk  (On sale)
11. WInter Soldier (Coming out)
12.Astonishing Wolverine 
13 /14. Northstar and Aurora 
14. Demolish man 
16. Doctor Doom (Rumour to come out)
17. Justice

Posted by TheCerealKillz

I hope for RandomGuy to get some.
More Characters FTW.