Anyone But Nocenti

I love Catwoman, a priority character for me, one of my reasons for collecting. Catwoman is iconic. Catwoman should have her own book, Catwoman deserves her own book. I'm sick of just putting up with Ann Nocenti's run on Catwoman, I don't find her stories or ideas entertaining nor interesting. The piss poor quality of this book is a source of frustration for me, the only upside to the books lately is that Terry Dodson is doing cover art. I'm no purist, I'm not hard to please honestly, I thought Judd Winick's Catwoman was wonderful, I loved the street level feel, that the book was about a young Selina Kyle, her journey, her struggle, now I have no idea what the hell this book is. the DotF tie in were the hands down weakest of the entire event. Jumping to the point, this is a list of writers I feel that would put forth a much more enjoyable Catwoman book. It's been a year, I've given the book an honest chance and I've had it. The interior art isn't satisfying either. My list of writers and artists that would save Catwoman

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Posted by MadeinBangladesh

yep...anyone but Nocenti