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Never really liked the Pyslocke/Archangel coupling, so going to have to go with Fantomex on this one :)

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Ever since reading the earlier Astonishing X-Men issues, the image of Emma and Wolverine smooching (okay it's not really him but meh) has interested the hell out of me

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Was going to die or be killed off   -   Wouldn't be happy at all
Be less in the spotlight  -  Might bug me a little bit, but everyone needs some 'personal' time
Be depowered  -  Only if it were a temporary thing, it would be interesting to see how she would react to that
Become a mother  -  Can't really imagine this happening, maybe her getting pregnant and ending up with a miscarriage or possibly an abortion
Break up with Scott  -  I'm kinda fond of the coupling but would be amusing to see whether she truly would be heart broken or not