The Dark Knight Re-Rises

Now now, don't be mean it's just Miss Chaos' wishful thinking ^_^

This is never going to be the last film, maybe Mr C Nolan's last, but not THE last...therefore, the sequel needs a plan, right? Well here's mine.

So Officer "Robin" John Blake, clearly is too old to be an actual Robin (Chris O'Donnell doesn't count, for he was a GIANT MAN CHILD!) but could possibly be a Nightwing of sorts - especially with the overly black and blue attire. He is one of the few aware of Batman's true identity, is a boys home 'escapee', an orphan who is already in a position of 'Justice Bringing'.

He seems to be a culmination of sorts of two previous Robins,

  • Dick Grayson - having grown in to the role of Nightwing due to age and maturity. Also, takes up the Batman mantle after Bat's 'death'
  • Tim Drake - the 'Detective' Robin with more brains than acrobatic ability, and virtually sole believer in the non-death of Batman. Did we mention how much Blake sounds like Drake?

So back to the plot.

Batman (Mr Bale) is supposedly dead - but revealed to be off living a "Real" life with the lovely Ms Kyle. (Baby Huntress anytime soon?) having broken his back thanks to Bane as per Knightfall.

While away, Blake is bequeathed the Batcave in Wayne's will - for looking after and such. Bear in mind that Alfred is now also aware that Bats is alive and well thus being free and happy (as much as Alfred can be) to serve and mentor Batman Sub Blake.

Cut back to a line of Bale's where he's telling Blake that it's not WHO Batman is but what he does, anyone can be Batman (Yes, you too Officer Blake)


  1. Blake will become a temporary Batman
  2. Wayne and Kyle will hook up
  3. Helena Wayne will be born?
  4. Blake will recruit that Bat-Believer kid from the boys home to be his Robin
  5. Wayne will return at the end (of the act/film/trilogy - who knows) to re-become Batman
  6. Blake will become an official Nightwing
  7. Batman Inc will be formed

thus leading to much spin-offity and much money making for WB.



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