Storm Shadow...Good or Bad?

Okay, me and my sis have been having this...conversation about Storm Shadow and whether he's really a good guy or a really bad guy. Now, I personal think that Stormy isn't the bad dude by will. Because when he was with Cobra he was brainwashed, so there for he didn't want to do wrong. But my sis is determind to prove otherwise. (She's a Snake Eyes fan) So, I am asking the people of Comic Vine to help settle my sister and I's...conversation. 



Is Storm Shadow really the villain by mind? 
Or is he truly the hero at heart? 
What are your thought??  

Posted by Nova`Prime`

Well he's been portrayed as both, there really isn't a clear cut answer. At first he was a bad guy.. then he was a bad guy because he was brainwashed, then he was a good guy, then he was a bad guy. It really depends on the writer and what type of story they are trying to tell.

Posted by rnb

He is good guy because he had a lot of chances to kill snake eyes but he didn't

Posted by Miss Marvel
@rnb said:
"He is good guy because he had a lot of chances to kill snake eyes but he didn't "

@rnb: I totally agree with you =)
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Like many other characters I don't think Storm Shadow can so easily be defined as hero or villain. So basically I think it's an impossible task to try and label him one way or another. 
The best characters (imo of course) are those who walk that fine line between good and bad.

Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

The only time he was a villain (as defined by comic standards) was when he was brainwashed. He's actually a hero.

Posted by ScarlettShana

He's a hero, but I see him as neutral hero,

Posted by TheBane2890

If you actually read all the original comics from there beginning Storm Shadow's first appearance is as a villain, but when you get his back story, he really isn't. He witnessed his uncle's murderer fleeing into a Cobra vehicle, and followed. He joined Cobra to find the assassin and kill him. However Cobra Commander knew Storm Shadow's intentions, but decided to use the vengeful ninja as a personal bodyguard, and made sure to keep Zartan far from him. During his time as a bodyguard, he was brainwashed. Even after breaking the brainwashing and joining G.I. Joe, Storm Shadow still felt jealous of his sword brother, and by code of the Arashikage, which states no ninja of the clan shall strike a fellow clan member, he decided to leave. He was again brainwashed by Cobra and forced to do the Commander's will. The only person Storm Shadow truly wished to kill is Zartan and Cobra Commander a close second. But due to all his jealousy, his vengeful spirit, and all the brainwashing he's suffered, his mind is truly unstable and neither Cobra or G.I. Joe will ever fully trust him. He is a threat to everyone making him one of those characters that can never be placed on a set side. He is and always will be a neutral character, even though he makes a better villain then hero.