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They need to have Harley in it! Say The Joker got murdered in prison or something and she blames batman!
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Selene! xD You could so pull it off!
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Hellfire Club xD 
If its based before X1 but after Wolverine ; Origins well they can come trying to recruit that odd adaption of Emma Frost they have created... 
Then it all kind of just takes off from there :) 
Writing this down doesnt do it justice :P Its much more effective in my head xD
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So its fair to say that for me The Second Coming can't come quick enough xD 
I just hope Marvel dont bring Jean back :(   Although Emma's reaction to her resurrection would be . . .Interesting to say the least.

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Curious, curious, curious. 
First thing, has Illyanna ever came up against The Juggernaut in direct combat? If so has anyone got scans of it? 
Also . . 
Seeing as Juggernaut is powered by a magical source, so is in a sense magical himself, would her soulsword affect him? If yes, to what extent?  
Thanks very much.
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I've seen an image which is over loaded with X characters and in the air there is a female form flying, and she is in a fire form. 
I cant tell who she is but the only person i can think of is Magma. Would that be her? 
that is the picture, and the person i am thinking of is about half way up the image, on the left side. 

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Emma , Dazzler and Sway. 

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Code Name:  Seven

Real Name:

Marianne Costello 


  Marianne has control over the seven deadly sins. This means that she can cause people to become over come by a specific sin. For example she could cause someone to become insanely jealous of another person, or else could cause someone to fall madly in lust with someone. In relation to this she also has a relatively weak ability to "feel" a persons personality to determine which sin would be most effective. 
History: Her mutant abilities manifested when she was 13 years old. At this age she was a recluse and very un-sociable therefore leading to her lacking of friends. The first victim of this was her then best friend, who she discovered with her personality reading abilities was nothing more than a user and a liar. The girl was simply playing a prank on her which she has been dared to do by the "popular girls" in the school. Unknowingly her anger manifested her mutant abilities and therefore caused her "best friend" to become the object of everyone's envy, to such an extent every where she went she was getting hounded by people.  

Since this incident she has became fully aware of what she can do and has started utilising it for more destructive means.  

Notable Physical Traits: Depending on what sin is being manipulated, then the outside of her pupils glow a different colour. 
                                               pride - violet 
                                               envy - green 
                                               anger - red 
                                               sloth - light blue 
                                               greed - yellow 
                                               gluttony - orange 
                                               lust - blue