Web Slinger--a ride where you ARE spider-man swinging through queens
Latveria--a Doctor doom based coaster
SMASH!!!!!!--the biggest most brutal coaster that takes the theme of the hulk
Four--a roller coaster that's located in a replica of the Baxter Building. it starts in  large elevator that starts to randomly drop. after a few floors, it comes to a stop on the basement and goes through mister fantastic's lab
Muntant Mania--ride in the x-mansion that goes around the mansion in a super fast speed with twirls and twists
Iron Man--extremely fast paced coaster
Thor--a coaster that starts off at the rainbow bridge and goes through Asgard
Highway to Hell--your on Ghost-Riders bike speeding through the fiery pits of hell
Thanos' Destruction--a high drop coaster

Smaller Attractions:
Black Cat Heist--a fun, large bungee attraction
Arcade's Arcade--thrilling games that will probably lead you to your doom and keep you there all night! muahahahaha
Weapon X--a slower visionary coaster that shows you wolverine breaking out of weapon x
Storm's Wrath--a spherical simulation where you tumble and get shot around like a pinball in what looks like a rageing storm created by none other but Storm! floods, lightning bolts, tornadoes, vomit =d
Punisher's Shooting Range--PAINTBALLLLLLLL!
Shield's Helicarrier--a ride where your zipping through the skies in SHIELD's helicarrier
Welcome to Wakanda--safari
Gambit's Casino--a casino! 18 and over...sorry----or is it 21? o_O
Jubilee & Dazzler's Light Show--an amazing light show
Moonstar's House of Fears--haunted house

Aunt May's Home-Made Lemonade
Phoenix Fries
Daredevil's Spicy Food
Namor's Refreshments                                                                                                                                               
Avengers' Burgers 
Pym's Pizzaria
Hope you had fun at the Marvel's House of Momentum =P

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