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This is the guy who made Galactus his b!tch right? I think Sonic is going to be taking a dirt nap.

Hyper Sonic is omniversal in levels of powers. Only at Super Sonic form, he was able to defeat Omniversal beings like Solaris and perfect Dark Gaia, of course, with the aid of Gods.

You mean Solaris as in the guy whose moveset consisted of easily dodged standard boss moves? He is not omniversal when in combat by any means. By the contrary, he's a wuss in combat and was a wussy final boss. And unlike Sonic who went around beating up bosses who were all bark and no bite, Franklin made Galactus his bitch.

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Why are the reapers round 4? Reaper weapons max out at 500 kilotons. This isn't enough to so much as scratch the paint on a 40k spaceship. Not to mention mass effect shields are absolute and total crap against energy weapons. The reapers would get reamed by a System Defense patrol fleet, never mind the Ultramarine's navy.

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@Mirabel: Regardless, my point is that Superman is stronger than Monarch.

Didn't monarch slap around three supermen?

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@Mirabel: If that's the case, why don't large asteroids knock planets out of their orbit?

Because the asteroids around today don't have anywhere near enough force to provide enough excess force to move a planet noticeably, the planet will be moved yes, but on an astronomical scale it's only a tiny nudge at best. The ones big enough to hit with that much force at standard orbital velocities are ridiculously far away in the kuiper belt, scattered disc, and oort cloud or collided with other planets or the sun long ago in the formative period of the solar system. The ones that move fast enough to hit with this much force without being planet sized in of themselves are not native to our solar system and our chances of bumping into one of those are so low as to be nearly nonexistent. You'd have more chance of getting hit by every bolt of lightning a thunderstorm has to offer at once than of either event happening.

When the Solar system was young and there were hundreds or maybe even thousands of planet sized objects, it was essentially one big game of cosmic pinball played out over millions of years until only the present eight planets, the remaining dwarf planets, and large moons were left. They were knocking into each other, yanking each other out of orbit with gravity, and there were a crap ton of smaller asteroids everywhere too. Essentially it was all one big clusterf*ck. During this period, yes you definitely could have impacts that would knock a planet's orbit around, and they'd be quite common. But these days the Solar system is too neat and tidy for this to occur anymore, which is a good thing because asteroids as big as the dinosaur killer hit Earth during it's first few million years of life at least once a minute, not to mention metric buttloads of smaller and bigger asteroids that would pummel the crust into molten slag within hours.

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Give me one man with enough plot armor moving at sufficient velocity.

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@logy5000 :

The gravity of a planet keeps you in place and keeps it from falling apart. It does not keep it in it's place around the orbit of a star as that'd be silly given the ridiculous size differences between a star and a planet. The Inertia of it's mass and momentum however, do.

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The Doctor's plotshields are a real and canon part of the whoniverse. As he has real and actual plot armor, Reed is going down.

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There are no other Novians save for my brother and I. And as the prophecies of the primals and the true dragons say that I am primalborn, who am I to turn down my destiny? For me to shun my fate would mean me becoming like Vrakmul.

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@Mirabel: It's not as easy as you're making it sound. You also have to overcome the gravity & a the planet he pushed weighed at least 6 quintillion tons.

Do you mean the Sun's gravity? Because the Earth's gravity is most certainly not holding it in it's current spot in orbit. Inertia is what keeps the Earth at it's present distance. You merely need to overcome that to push the Earth. It's so easy that Solar winds can and will do it over time as the Sun becomes a red giant and loses some mass while greatly increasing it's solar wind output, the combination of the reduction in solar gravity and increase in solar wind pressure will push the Earth to a relatively safe orbit. For the planet, all life on the world would be long dead by the Earth's tectonic processes coming to a halt as the radioactive materials keeping it's interior hot all decay away, stopping volcanic proccesses and causing the magnetic field to vanish, which means the Atmosphere gets blasted away and we all get to asphyxiate.

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Either members of the marvel team step on Nancy no feats on the DC side.