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Perhaps the Chief would have been a better choice, though I have the sneaking suspicion that he'd get butchered by a Pinger.

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The fury is all I need. Amazo and Doomsday can also hop in for funsies. Why would the fury at it's peak win? Because at it's peak the Fury not only beat 616 Mad Jim Jaspers, it utterly curbstomped him. And MJJ was a multiversal scale threat before the Fury put him in a shallow grave.

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Kratos gets murdered before he can even swing his sword, Doomsday is that much faster than he is. Now let's all sing the curbstomp song.

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It seems that not all humans are as pleasant as my boyfriend.

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Godzilla stomps for reasons I mentioned in the other thread. The others just aren't in the big G's league.

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@reikai :

There is one, but he seemed to miss the whole "f*cked off mundus" event.

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@All_Mighty_Beyonder said:

@Mirabel said:

@logy5000 said:

@Mirabel: If that's the case, why don't large asteroids knock planets out of their orbit?

Because the asteroids around today don't have anywhere near enough force to provide enough excess force to move a planet noticeably, the planet will be moved yes, but on an astronomical scale it's only a tiny nudge at best. The ones big enough to hit with that much force at standard orbital velocities are ridiculously far away in the kuiper belt, scattered disc, and oort cloud or collided with other planets or the sun long ago in the formative period of the solar system. The ones that move fast enough to hit with this much force without being planet sized in of themselves are not native to our solar system and our chances of bumping into one of those are so low as to be nearly nonexistent. You'd have more chance of getting hit by every bolt of lightning a thunderstorm has to offer at once than of either event happening.

When the Solar system was young and there were hundreds or maybe even thousands of planet sized objects, it was essentially one big game of cosmic pinball played out over millions of years until only the present eight planets, the remaining dwarf planets, and large moons were left. They were knocking into each other, yanking each other out of orbit with gravity, and there were a crap ton of smaller asteroids everywhere too. Essentially it was all one big clusterf*ck. During this period, yes you definitely could have impacts that would knock a planet's orbit around, and they'd be quite common. But these days the Solar system is too neat and tidy for this to occur anymore, which is a good thing because asteroids as big as the dinosaur killer hit Earth during it's first few million years of life at least once a minute, not to mention metric buttloads of smaller and bigger asteroids that would pummel the crust into molten slag within hours.

actually, just one week ago a big asteroid half size of football stadium, brushed against earth, and was only few thousand kilometers from hitting earth, he was so close, closer than the moon, closer than our geo satellites.

Thousands of asteroids of that size would be hitting the Earth every second during the heavy bombardment phases.

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@reikai said:

Not really. The Thalmor are just jerks. They can't really do anything. In the face of Mehrunes Dagon and Alduin they're incapable of doing anything more than whining about their own insecurities. They couldn't even wipe out the Blades properly. To be honest, with there being no current High King/Queen of Skyrim and with the Emperor of Mede Dynasty potentially assassinated by the Dovahkiin (if you did the Assassin quests), then the Dovahkiin, after saving the Entire World a few times, may end up being named as the next High King or even Emperor and reinstating the rule of those with the Dragon Blood as the Septim's had done for ages. A unified Empire and Skyrim under the control of the Dovahkiin would be too much for the Thalmor to deal with. Especially when you consider that the Dovahkiin has a number of powerful magical artifacts in his possession and (doing the quests) is named as the Arch-Mage of the College of Winterhold as well, with guiding assistance from the Psijic Order. On another note, Ulfric is just as bad as the Thalmor. If you aren't a Nord, you're just a lesser creature to be stepped on. To the Thalmor, if you're not one of them, you shouldn't even exist.

The Thalmor are looking into how the Dwemer wiped themselves out because they want to do that to all of Mundus. All of it.

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Alright then, explain why Solaris went down like a pansy and couldn't put up anywhere near as good of a fight as Dr.Eggman in Sonic Colours? (Which is an infinitely better game.)

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@Spidermeat101 said:

My Team:The One Above All,Galactus,Spongebob (has device to keep him alive),Spiderman and Dark Phoenix

You must have 15 or less characters

They are allowed to kill,knockout,or Bfr

They are allowed to have prep time

One guy with enough plot armor moving at sufficient velocity.