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@King Cobalt:
You do not seem to be a friend, I suggest you leave.  Her 32 foot tall power suit Viktor aims it's pulse flechette rifle at the villainous intruder while Mirabel herself steels her mind against his apparent psionic ability with her own mental powers.  

 Leave now!
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@Human Flame:
I am not familiar with the informal terms of your kind, but I'm pretty sure that you don't refer to a woman with a male term.   Mirabel gives him a somewhat unfriendly look before returning to her typical optimistic attitude. 
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@Human Flame:
Greetings...Human Flame, I am Mirabel, and this is Viktor.  When she says Viktor, she points to the powersuit she is wearing, which greets Chris in an unintelligible language. 
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I see.  So who is your friend?  Mirabel motions to the Human flame, her power suit whirring quietly and efficiently. 
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Your skin is green, are you photosynthetic by any chance?  Most green skinned species I have seen are capable of photosynthesis to some degree.   Mirabel seems to be very curious, but friendly. 
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Greetings, my name is Mirabel, what is yours? 
Her voice echoes through her powersuit's speakers, while the powersuit makes it's own greeting in an unintelligible language.  
My suit says his name is Viktor and that he is pleased to meet you. 

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Mirabel enters the room in her suit of power armor, which is somewhat taller than Orlok's suit, but is noticeably skinner. 
Thank you orlok.  
She gives a slight bow as Viktor's speech modulators give her voice a bit of a metallic tone.