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Shall we all join hands and sing the curbstomp song?

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Reapers get reamed by DE weapons. Guess what's the preferred weapon of choice in space in Starcraft?

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Rose kills him with a word.

Your character vs Harbinger from mass effect at a distance of 100k KM.

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Better people than me with better equipment have tried to take down Bats and failed miserably. This arsenal and my Krav Maga skills will amount to jack and squat against "May as well be a god damn superhuman" Batman.

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Rose could physically outmatch him out of her armor, her other abilities means she stomps him.

Your character vs Classic Dr.Strange.

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@Frocharocha said:

@Decoy Elite said:

Depends on his weapons. Give his usual normal guns and he won't be able to keep the T-1000 down. Give basic Covenant weaponry and he takes them all down. Give him him stuff like the Spartan Laser and the Fuel Rod Cannon and he stomps on these robots.

Yup, i find hard to see T-1000 regenerating when dealing with Plasma shoots.

Canonically, a T-X could one shot the T-1k with a plasma cannon in one of the tie-in comics. It's how Skynet determined that the T-X was the superior model.

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To alleviate the alarming tendency of seeing Grievous getting put up against people he can't win against, here we have something new. Two of the best fighters in the Haloverse against the most deadly lightsaber duelist in the Star Wars universe (Post ROTS Grievous? Never heard of him!) This will be a rather simple scenario, just the two fighting against Grievous in the Roman collisseum for the enjoyment of ROB.

Weapons are as follows; AR, magnum, standard loadout of grenades, and rocket launcher for the chief along with two energy swords; plasma pistol, plasma rifle, standard loadout of grenades, and brute shot for the Arbiter along with two energy swords. Grievous gets his lightsabers, two staffs, and four blaster pistols.


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Assuming equivalency between Halo and Terminator plasma weapons, none of the robots here should provide overmuch trouble for him.

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If you run the numbers on Zebes' mass and size given in metroid prime, you'd find that Samus adopted homeworld has a gravity 800 times that of Earth. Given that she's way the hell superhuman out of her suit on Zebes, under Earth-like conditions she should be able to bench a tank with ease.

Jesus christ.

Clearly nintendo likes to throw around numbers without realizing how over the top they are.

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@Decoy Elite said:

@Mirabel said:

Perhaps the Chief would have been a better choice, though I have the sneaking suspicion that he'd get butchered by a Pinger.

What is a Pinger and how would it get through his shields? (Assuming you're talking about Master Chief. >.> )

An anti-personnel (by Ceph standards) tripod of pure rape that laughs off anti-tank weapons. You need to shove like nine anti-tank missiles into it's weak point to kill it, and it's weapons can cut through a nanosuit in seconds and emit disorienting sonic waves and EMP. They also have General Grievous feet.


They are nasty mofos.