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For all of those who want to know what I look like

That'd be me on the right with the dorky glasses, hubbie's to the left being all spiffy

Name: "Mirabel" Rosalina Lalatia

Gender: Female.

Age: current body is about 13 years old. Has had over two hundred years of existence through various bodies.

Height: 5'2 inches.

Weight: 95 pounds.

Hair color: Blonde.

Eye color: Orchid.

Skin tone: White with a slight tan.

Affiliation: Novus.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Alignment: Lawful Good.

Relationships: In a very committed and quite deep relationship with Johnathan Edenson of the Astartes.

Name: Viktor.

Gender: Male Programming.

Species: Novian Demigod.

Age: 200

Height: 7'8 feet tall.

Weight: 2,000 pounds.

Hair color: N/A

Eye Color: Blue optical lenses.

Skin tone: White armor plating.

Affiliation: Novus.

Species: Novus

Sexuality: Asexual

Alignment: Lawful Good.

Biography (under reconstruction)

"Mirabel" Rose Lalatia

Mirabel was not born, but cloned not long after the Zolkri Hierarchy eradicated her species by the Novus more specifically the Founder who leads them, the machines that her kind created. Thus she is one of the last two of the Novians, cloned from fraternal twins known as Rosalina Lalatia and Davikov Strilek, children of Dirkal Strilek and Roxalia Lalatia, two prominent heroes and nobles of Novian civilization, both of whom could claim two of the Novian gods as their parents,, who were given the titles Prince of Heart and Rogue of Void respectively due to their descent from the Novian god of Souls and goddess of Void respectively, while the two, demi-gods in their own right were named the Seer of Light and the Knight of Time. Deciding that it would be best for the two clones to remain separate, the Novus separated Rose and Dave.

The Zolkri hierarchy was prompted into eradicating the Novian Republic by the Dominion of the Black Hand. Worried about the dictation of fate that would result in his downfall, Vrakmul asked Vorzhilok to do something about at least one part of the equation. Vorzhilok then set forth and prodded Kamal Re'x and the hierarchy into shifting course and attacking the Novian Republic. In the course of a single Earth Year, every may, every woman, every child, and every animal was exterminated. The Dragon killed the two's parents in front of them, and then killed the children themselves, though he was interrupted by his personal flagship exploding from the sacrifice of the two's grandfather before he could render the corpses unsuable for cloning.

She has often died fighting the hierarchy, each new cloning process depleting the severely limited amount of genetic material the Novus have to clone her again, putting her at risk of permanent death. To avert this risk, Mirabel and her Brother has been placed in a special suit of Power Armor named Viktor for her, and Ormag for him, both of whom are empathically linked to their users. Together, Rose and Viktor make a formadible team and have fought the Hierarchy across the universe. She has fought alongside the Blue and Green lantern corps and the Eldar, though she isn't particularly fond of the latter due to their arrogant attitudes.

To her, Viktor is like an younger but stronger brother, whom protects her, while the Founder is like a father, whom watches over her and provides guidance, though the Founder's strict adherence to his programming frustrates her sometimes.

Mirabel has become something of a bounty hunter as the Novus has largely collapsed under the oncoming threat of the electrical protectorate, leaving it as scattered remnants in hiding. She has made it something of her mission to take down the electrical protectorate, though she often returns to the earth to see how things have been developing.

As a team, her and Viktor have proven to be extremely formadible, quickly rising to one of the foremost names in interstellar bounty hunting despite her having the form and mind of a sixteen year old girl, as the Novus never perfected memory transference technology.

She has died over fifty times on the line of duty, fighting everything from orks, to the protectorate, to the Symaarian Imperium, to the Black Hand, to the Tyranids and so on so forth. Each time she perished, it was because she had been ambushed while outside of Viktor. While the imperfect memory transference technology of the Novus allows her to gain some bits of experience from her past lives, ultimately she comes out a slightly different person each time she's cloned back to life.

Some incarnation of Mirabel has been active for at least two hundred years, giving her an average life expectancy of four years, as the Novus would clone her into being typically at the start of adolescence after using neural uploaders to give her a rapid form of education. Her last body died a few months ago at the age of twenty, laid low by Eliminator Omega who stalked her until she had to leave her armoursuit and then fought and murdered her.

When she was brought back in another body, the electrical protectorate had already scattered the Novus in an titanic clash of two armies of robots. She only just managed to flee the planet she was cloned back into life from before the harvester fleet overwhelmed the Novus with superior numbers and the usage of the dreaded Iconoclasms, fearsome infintisemally small portions of the Icon granted sapience.

For two years she fought across the galaxy as a bounty hunter, only accepting jobs she saw as morally righteous. She did battle with all sorts of foes, and was soon recognized as quite likely the best in the entire galaxy and beyond. Her services became increasingly demanded for, as her involvement in a job would almost garauntee it's success.

She continued to look for Novus Remnants, finding some of the scattered machine collectives and helping them to link back up to one another to hopefully rebuild the Novus once again and take the fight to the Electrical Protectorate. Partially thanks to her the Novus remain a powerful element in the galactic scene, though they are currently trying to rebuild and reexpand.

Still only twelve biologically, eventually a symaarian inquisitor would approach her with a job offer, help the Symaarian resistance in a subsector occupied by Chaos so that when the crusade fleet arrived, it would find an easily won campaign. Accepting, she made her way to subsector Auroran and got herself and viktor into the thick of things.

Exposure to the Warp

But while she fought the Adeptus Nox and Chaos Space marines, their cabal of sorcerers concocted a mighty warp spell that would drum up a warp storm to cut off the system from the oncoming imperials until they had turned the entire subsector into an impregnable fortress with the aid of twelve grand companies of Iron Warriors from Varaxar's timelost legions.

As a huge stretch of space was partially engulfed by the Warp, that realm's complete lack of a concept of time or space or indeed any physical rules began to run against the structured laws of physics of the materium, the mixture resulting in highly erratic natural fundamental concepts,

As a huge stretch of space was partially engulfed by the Warp, that realm's complete lack of a concept of time or space or indeed any physical rules began to run against the structured laws of physics of the materium, the mixture resulting in highly erratic natural fundamental concepts,

Causing four years to pass for her despite only a few weeks passing in normal time as the energies of the Empyrean played with the fabric of Time. Despite this, there was still enough structure to the laws of reality for Mirabel and Viktor's efforts to begin to pay off, using the greatly increased time they had their full advantage. As the forces of Chaos wanted some stability for their ships to be able to pass from system to system in the subsector, the pair were still able to go from planet to planet as the Chaos Sorcerers had given the Warp Storm a much calmer "eye", allowing them to move within the subsector, but still keeping enemies out.

Helping the guerilla movement gain strength, Mirabel and Viktor; with the aid of a team of ten companies of Space marines, six entire guilds of bounty hunters, a small keresh fleet of about fifteen ships that had been ensnared by the warp storm, a strike group of the order of the talon which had arrived using experimental spells and technology to break through the warp storm and attack the Adeptus Nox in the area; former members of the Order of the Talon who had been corrupted over time by the Chaos worshipping Seraphim Igzvald and his puppet master Varaxar who had shown their true colours and dealt a disastrous blow to the talon by betraying them and taking a full third of forces before fleeing to the stars after Dathron's defeat, an eldar warhost of craftworlds Ulthwe, Alaitoc, and Saim-hann, a large Novus task force, a quartet of green lanterns, a trio of blue lanterns, a pair of star saphhires, and one member of the Nova Corps; managed to constantly frustrate and damage Chaos Operations in the area.

Eventually Mirabel was able to confront Grand Chaos Lord and High Warsmith Ferrok von Sturm the steelmonger of the Iron Warriors, a dreadful sorcerer lord of Chaos Ascendant who had long ago been entombed in a Ironclad Venerable Contemptor Dreadnought that had been further and extensively modified by both technology and daemonic power to bolster his sorcerous powers and become an even more formidable shell that had become significantly larger than a normal Contemptor Dreadnought.

The High Warsmith...(Ignore the Iron hands stuff >.