Batman Vol. 2 by Scott Snyder, Review

WARNING: Spoilers are ahead. If you don't mind having the story mostly told to you in short, so that you can decide whether you want to get Batman or not, continue reading. Otherwise, turn back.

So... The day has finally arrived where I've completed my Batman vol. 2 collection! Obviously it'll never be complete until the series is finished, but I have caught myself up to the most current issue, and read them all, as well as all the crossovers for the Court of Owls except for Detective Comics and All Star Western.

Here's my review of the volume so far...

Short answer? Get it.

Scott Snyder pulls you in by talking about Gotham. What Gotham is, what it may be, and who it does and doesn't belong to; and most importantly, what the people of Gotham think of their fair city. This alone sets the stage for his saga with Batman, but more on that later.

The first issue is telling you what the New 52 Gotham is all about. It has a heavy focus on this, even until the very last page, where the detective Harvey says to Batman that "you don't know Gotham, Gotham knows you, because above all, Gotham is... a mystery." Dick Grayson makes an appearance as well. He features in a disguise as the Joker, combating an insurrection in Arkham Asylum for the criminally insane whilst sewing the seeds of distrust amongst the inmates, making them believe the Joker is now working with the Bat. Tim Drake and Damian Wayne feature a mild amount as well, with a clever bit of technology that Scott Snyder made up for the comic narrating who everyone is, and who their superhero identities are and have been, if applicable. This is a very clever way of helping new readers into the book and into the mythos of Batman; the same technology also makes it's way into the rest of the volume thus far, no longer simply narrating to new readers, but pulling the story along by helping Batman find his victim for the evening; a John Doe who's been stabbed some 30+ times, dying from both blood loss and pain whilst pinned to a wall. The important things about this are that Bruce Wayne's life is threatened by a message left by the John Doe, and the knives that were used as throwing darts on his body are engraved with an owl on them. That's not all. Dick Grayson's DNA is found in the victim's fingernails, leading the detective to find out more about the mysterious murder victim. An interesting and compelling way to get readers to continue reading, whilst also providing some neat back-story for the more detail-oriented readers. Applause for Scott there.

The rest of the series thus far has dealt with Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson's travels into their own pasts and hearts, to find that all is not as it seems; even Alfred is not immune to the plague of past troubles in Gotham, with a mini-story added to the books, detailing the life and death of Alfred's father, Jarvis Pennyworth. I won't reveal much more, so that you can read the series yourself and enjoy. Bottom line? Scott Snyder uses excellent writing techniques and compelling storylines, along with quite excellent artwork, to bring you the Bat story you needed and deserved.

-- Minigunman123


Comic acquisition

Another tally! Yeah. Bought parts 2-7 of the Infinite Crisis 7 part miniseries I saw in the comic store, published in '05, and the 80 page countdown comic detailing Ted Kord's happenings up to his death (sad face :( ). Only read the 80 part comic so far, going to read part 1 of Infinite Crisis tonight. Hope it's great!

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Comic quest extravaganza, and comics questions for collecting

I have limited internet access so I was unable to post it sooner (not that anyone besides myself cares), but I got Teen Titans issue 2 and 3 from the New 52 on Friday last week, as well as the entire series of "Zot!" in paperback! Now I have just acquired:

Deathstroke issue 3

Batgirl issue 10

Infinite Crisis issue 1 of 7

Now, the question comes in a second, but first some explanation; one of my local comic book stores has all 7 issues of the Infinite Crisis issues, and the 80 page comic "Countdown to Infinite Crisis", and I'm planning on getting all of these comics as I'm sure they're absolute treasures (never read anything about the infinite crisis before except in online wiki's), but I'm curious, what other comics should I get that explain a major part of what the story arc is about, and do THOSE comics have any comics that explain them that I may need to pick up? I want to get a self contained story of the arc to read so I can read about all the events involved in it (or rather, the majority of the events), and a 7 page miniseries and an 80 page countdown seems too short for what I thought was one of the largest events in DC's history. So in short: what other comics should I get that might explain the major plot points and characters in the Infinite Crisis story arc?

Also, thinking of getting Batman: Year One Deluxe Edition, but I read the entire thing in Barnes and Noble the other day so I'm unsure if it's wise to buy it now that I've read it for free. Thoughts? I'm considering instead buying No Man's Land part 1 trade paperback, I've read that it's fantastic.


Comic list update (getting boring, huh?)

Still keeping a running tally of the comics I get :) I just bought the graphic novel "Teen Titans Prime of Life", featuring the last issue of their latest pre-New 52 series, with the semi-almost-dramatic kiss of Beast Boy and Raven (which I have been looking for for a while), so I'm going to enjoy reading this :D

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Comic Quest Adventure Thing

I have bought more New 52 issues! It's really catching on. I refuse to buy issue #1 of the Ravagers though, because BEAST BOY IS GREEN, NOT RED, DANGIT.

Anyway, it seems that the comic book store lost my order for Catwoman issues 4, 5 and 6, so I re-ordered those in addition to Batman issues 2, 4 and 6. Today I bought:

Batman issue 10

Batman and Robin issue 10

Nightwing issue 4

Nightwing issue 5

Nightwing issue 6

Nightwing issue 10

Batgirl issue 4

Batgirl issue 5

Batgirl issue 6

Avengers vs. X-men Round 3

Avengers vs. X-men Round 4

Avengers vs. X-men Limited Series 3 of 6

I still need Batman 2, 4, and 6, Batgirl 2, 3, and 7-10, Nightwing 1-3 and 7, and Avengers vs. X-men round 1 and 2, plus Catwoman issues 4, 5, 6 and 10... I must earn more money for the next trip to the store! *Starts reading comics*

Comicvine, what is your favorite series from this post, and favorite issue of said series, so far? Thoughts? Opinions? Flaming comments? Let me hear what you think on the comics :)

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Comic quest continuation

Just picked up a lot of comics from the local store yesterday, read them all already lolz, enjoyed them tremendously. They're all New 52 comics from DC.

Catwoman issue 7

Catwoman issue 8

Catwoman issue 9

Deathstroke issue 9

Batman issue 3

Batman issue 5

Batman: The Dark Knight issue 9

AvX VS issue 2 (the limited series containing the battles, but virtually no story itself)

AvX issue 0

Superman issue 1

I'm not sure if I'm missing any, but yeah, enjoying the stories as I read through them.


Comics on May 26th

The other day I picked up an order of comics I got, but sadly because I'm spending money on other stuff, I could only pick up most of them, not all. All of them were New 52 comics, still getting used to the new continuity a bit, but growing to enjoy it.

I got:

Catwoman issue 1

Catwoman issue 2

Catwoman issue 3

Supergirl issue 2

Superman issue 2

Deathstroke issue 2

The Superman issue 1 that I ordered still didn't come in, and the issues I didn't buy were Catwoman numbers 7 and 8; they mysteriously couldn't get 4-6 this week XD. Going to check the store next Saturday, probably!~

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Comic collecting quest update

On vacation for the weekend in California, basically a roadtrip across the USA. Just got 11 comics and some valuable comic collecting info from a local store, it was a blast. All of them are from the New 52 in DC's new reboot, and I also grabbed a dozen comic sleeves to protect them when they're not being read. Good day. Sister also got a couple comics and a graphic novel, all about/including Captain America. I believe she got Captain America & Hawkeye issues 629 and 630, and the novel Captain America & Wolverine. I mostly bought comics specifically for the Night of the Owls event. Sadly, the only comics I have that come before the ones I bought are Batman issue 1 and Batgirl issue 1, so I have some shopping to do :P I need all the Nightwing, Red Hood, Batwing, Birds of Prey and Batman and Robin issues leading up to the Night of the Owls, plus the Batman: The Dark Knight issues 2-9, Catwoman issues up to 9, and Batman issues 2-6... Hmm. That's alot of shopping. This upcoming Saturday I ordered Supergirl issue 2 and Superman issues 1 and 2 so I can read a bit about my favorite kryptonians, they should be there by this Saturday back home, so I have to pick those up before more Batman stuff.

I attained today:

Nightwing issue 8

Nightwing issue 9

Batman issue 7

Batman issue 8

Batman issue 9

Batman & Robin issue 9

Batwing issue 9

Batgirl issue 9

Red Hood and the Outlaws issue 9

Birds of Prey issue 9

Earth 2 issue 1

Gotta catch up on these series earlier issues though... Plus I wanna continue Teen Titans, Deathstroke, Supergirl and start Superman and Justice League... Too many comic interests?


Comics 5/12/2012

Just got five more comics from The Comics Keep in Bremerton WA, my now official comic book store; grabbed lots of New 52 comics to try and make myself enjoy New 52 more.

Batgirl issue 1,

Batman issue 1,

Deathstroke issue 1,

Batman The Dark Knight issue 1,

and Supergirl issue 1.

Payed normal price for them all, totalling $15 before tax. Time to read! I've heard mixed reviews about the Batman TDK series, so I'm wary about this comic, but I've also heard Snyder's series is absolutely fantastic, so I'll enjoy reading it through.

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Just applied at The Comics Keep in my local area... Hope they hire me! I offered to do either their website or even just work in the store itself. Just need cash, and the store is cool so thought I'd ask them.

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