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@reaverlation: Lol, Sinister was probably the better movie in my opinion

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Mama's "kids" are having a "normal" day, but they both end up watching oneof Baguls super 8 films and now Bagul is after them, trying to posses them, But Mama knows of this and ain't having none of Baguls pedophile shit

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@emequious_swerve: Im not so sure about that, I dont think bane would have killed someone as crazy but surprisingly intelligent as joker without finding some sort of use, besides I think joker probably has a back up plan because I dont think joker would just expect to meet bane and live without somehow escaping just in case, possibly banes gang and jokers gang at odds with each other fighting over control of Gotham

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@emequious_swerve: You dont think Bane would have atleast thought the Joker was "interesting" like hes punching him and the joker keeps laughing like during the interrogation scene in the dark knight and Bane looks puzzled and thinks to himself "your not like the others...."

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This is something That have recently come on my mind How would have bane reacted to the joker ? How would the joker fit in banes plan, would he join Bane ? Would bane have even accepted the joker ? What would have the joker been doing when Gotham was in the anarchistic state it was in the end ? , Could it be possible that joker could have somehow actually help batman in some way recover so that he he would have became the batman he knew in the dark knight ? Like when Bane and Batman first fought, joker could have been watching from afar and seeing batman getting his butt handed to him, would have said "This isn't the batman That was so much fun back then" What do you guys think ?

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Martian Manhunter is going to be the next dlc character which is awesome, if there were three more dlc characters I would vote Zattana, Dr fate, and Black Manta

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@sasquatch888: Each Member of the Justice League deserve their own movie, thats why, and Aquaman is awesome

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I like the whole metallo and lex luthor idea, we can have the military still not trusting superman, and lex luthor offers to do research on kryptonians to discover their weakness to kryptonite or even better he does research on their technology and actually creates krptonite, then metallo was a former soldier in the military who had his family killed, caused by superman, he undergoes a kind of "super soldier" experiment for lex to battle superman

I love brainiac, hes my favorite superman villain, but honestly I want him to be the villain for justice league, I like darkseid but I think its too early to have him in justice league, its too big in my opinion, in man of steel 2 they could leave subtle hints to brainiac or have a secret ending at the end of man of steel 2, the flash movie, wonder woman movie, aqauman etc, each solo movie builds up to brainiac coming to earth to "collect it" and then he finally appears in justice league

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@goblin123: @goblin123 said:

Superman clears the entire gauntlet because Goku beat the entire gauntlet and Superman > Goku...

Uh oh.... I think I just started it again.

What have you done :O

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Another comic book character vs dbz character ? This should be good, (makes popcorn)