Derivative but not lazy artwork #5

It's been ages since my last post regarding rip-offs -- err, copies -- of actual good art.
So here's a (fraction of) the final splash page in Uncanny X-Men #139, where poor old Kurt is left to fend for himself against the "Wen-di-go!".
This was meant to be much smaller but I seem to have developed an inability to keep my work small, so it ended up going off the page. On the other hand it meant that I didn't have to draw the majority of the Wendigo, which is good because that thing looked complicated to draw.
Originals by John Byrne. This is done in ink, obviously.

And a painting of my cat, just because it's original for once, to prove to myself that I can actually draw.
Oh hey, it's in colour!

Watercolour with ink. Enjoy.

DIY Hellboy doll

 Hi all, as my blog has been silent for a few weeks (and I really want to keep this going), I thought I'd post some pictures of the Hellboy doll I crocheted last year. He was super fun to make, and I included most of his accessories (made from FIMO sculpting clay).  

(Decided to try out the Flickr function, so hopefully this'll work)

Derivative but not lazy artwork #4

It's that time again, whatever that really means. Um, yeah, I present to you...

This is a series of panels I copied from Mike Mignola's charming Pancakes short story, in ink. Enjoy.
Oh yeah, and the lettering is a little off because I was even worse at lettering back when I made these than I am now (which is horrible) but what can you do? 
Also the panels aren't square, because I don't do parallel lines.

The Daily Mail hates Kick-Ass

The Daily Mail (that fun and reliable quality newspaper that's available in the UK) has posted an article about how "terrible" the Kick-Ass film is going to be because it 'blurs the lines between adult and child entertainment' and that it promotes the infantalisation of adulthood with the Hit-Girl character (because apparently, in magical Daily Mail land of the make-believe fantasy of love, children do not take part in, and should not have any knowledge of, swearing).
Now, I might be wrong, but I didn't think that Kick-Ass was aimed at children. I know it features teenagers, but that doesn't automatically make it a child's comic/film. Here in the UK it's set to get a 15 rating, meaning no person under 15 can watch it legally. I can actually see it ending up with an 18 though, mainly because of what Watchmen was. I don't really know how bad the comic is, I haven't read it. 
In any case, what is the problem here? The infantalisation of adulthood is happening every day all around you. I have a small child living next door to me who swears like a sailor. Kids are taking part in violence all over the place. Wasn't the point of Hit-Girl that she grew up under tough circumstances, ending up as a tough character? Wouldn't the more intelligent response be to ask why she is being portrayed this way instead of pointing a finger in disgust? I don't think ignoring the actual social circumstances the film is referring to (because that's what films do) and saying it's an 'outrage' is wise. 
More importantly, I think this article was more about causing a stir because Jonathan Ross is seen as "controversial" at the moment. Any excuse, as they say...


Derivative but not lazy artwork #3

So this time I'm posting something a bit bigger, and more colourful. This is rare for me because painting takes longer than inking, and I don't have the time for fun.
Anyway, here is my painting of Spider-Woman #3, though I think it might be a variant or something because this is the one I actually copied from. In any case, the original by Alex Maleev, mine was done in acrylic on canvas, and ain't nothin' wrong with Spider-Woman's costume, in fact I find it stylish.


Derivative but not lazy artwork #2

So here it is once again, some copies of great art that I did not invent but still had fun doing. I do mostly inks, but I plan on broadening my media at some point soon. I also have rather a lot of Hellboy-related stuff, so that's what I'm going to post today. 
A bit of Hellboy - The Island #1

And a touch of The Corpse (this was part of a panel and was actually my first venture in ink since, I think, GCSE art).
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Derivative but not lazy artwork #1

As you may or may not notice in the time to come, I enjoy drawing and painting, but my skills are limited to (mostly) copying other people's artwork. So I thought I'd post some of my work up here. Also because I have nothing better to say. I may not have created these compositions myself, and credit duly goes to the real artists out there, but I still invest a whole lot of effort into my pieces (which mostly just end up in a corner in my room because there is no space on my walls).
The first piece I'm going to post is a reproduction of Frank Miller's Wolverine (vol. 1) #1 in ink.