Dark X-Men Mimic

The Mimic is back. 
I love the new costume and the new spotlight he's in. 
Pick up Dark X-Men # 1 of 5 Nov 2009. 
You won't be disappointed. 
MIMIC616, happy.
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When will Mimic (616) Return?


Until the Mimic shows up in X-Men First Class, I wanted to know when will the Mimic returns.

His last know appear was during Civil War and prisoner/teammate of the Thunderbolts lead by Baron Zemo and Song Bird.

Currently Secret Invasion is going on and he is nowhere to be found. If anyone was more qualified to fight an army of Super Skrulls it’s the Mimic.

Secret Invasion Mimic?

The Mimic is a super human with powers that can put him into a number of team or solo categories: 

AGENT OF SWORD - Teaming up with Spider-Woman and Aliens, would make him seem more normal.

X-Men - Fight along side old teammates

Avengers Initiative - A teacher to the next generation of super people.

X-Force - He has walked a mile in Wolverine's shoes.

The Brotherhood - Got along with outsiders.

O.N.E. - Every Sentinel pilot needs training against the X-Men's powers.

Avengers - He could be one of the Mightiest.

X-Factor - To join X-factor you need a baseball cap and a trench coat.

Nextwave - Minus baseball cap.

Thunderbolts - Former Villain that can put everyone in they're place - except the crazy ones.

 Any opinions?

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