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I know this is a longshot but do you think DC would ever bring back Mr Majestic ?

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Ummm... this is a hard one. Lets see... Luke's powers. "Possesses superhuman strength which allows him to lift up to 25 tons. He has considerable stamina which allows him to perform strenuous work without taxing himself for extended periods of time. Also has nigh impenetrable skin, which can protect him from high caliber bullets, knife wounds, and powerful explosions. His durability is great enough for him to withstand blows from opponents possessing great superhuman strength." J2's powers " Has the ability to turn into the form of J2. In this form J2 is invulnerable and super strong. He can approximately lift (bench) 75 tons. As a result of being Juggernauts son, J2 has the ability to become unstoppable when he starts to run. Unfortunately he can only be in this form for about one hour until he uncontrollably changes in to his Zane Yama form." So ill probubly go for... Luke. 2 reasons... 1) He is more populer and cooler. 2) Jessica Jones.... ok …3) I like Luke more.

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My thought. keep the costume and add the mask or a different one. oh and make her hair long again.

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I like the pics of Starfire and Blink. And about New 52 Starfire... I agree with mfundo. That was very cold.

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@guttridgeb said:


I like it, it fits the captain title. Having said that, I do not like the hair

I think this costume is very cool. People just dont like it because they cant see he legs anymore. Just like Power Girl. People dont like her new costume becuse they cant see her cleavage anymore.

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Well I think he is very awesome. I just wish Marvel would give him a better chance.

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@Crash_Recovery said:

Reed and Sue's marriage IS a character in the Fantastic Four. Their relationship is as fundamental to the comic as is their powers.

Separating Reed and Sue is a fundamental shift in the title that changes something very special.

Would Batman's books get better if he left Gotham and moved to San Francisco? Gotham is as much a part of Batman as the Reed/Sue relationship is a part of the Fantastic Four.

I totally agree.

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Wait hold on a sec... How can Elasti-Girl be in a relationship with Robotman or Negative Man ? Robotman is all metal execpt for his brain and as for Negative Man. I know he is in love with her but without his bandages he is radioactive. So they cant be together ether. Unless Elasti-Girl is imune to radiation ?

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I did some resesch on this topic to. "Upon his rebirth, Him was renamed as Adam Warlock by the High Evolutionary, who became a guiding force in the life of the reborn Godling. The High Evolutionary gave Warlock purpose, direction, and the vampiric Soul Gem. Soon afterwards, Warlock journeyed to the planet called Counter Earth, an experiment of the High-Evolutionary's that had recently gone awry. Counter-Earth had been an attempt to create a utopian society, and it had been so until its contamination by the evil Man-Beast. Warlock battled the cunning creature to no avail, until he formed a somewhat unusual and narcissistic plan. Warlock set out to become the one, true God of Counter Earth. To do this he crucified himself and died, only to rise from his resurrection cocoon 3 days later. His rash gamble worked, and Counter-Earth was saved (years later, the planet would fall to the influence of another."

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Probile not or at least not yet.