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His alcoholism is much more important to his older personality than most think.

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I guess... If we're viewing this as him not being an alcoholic from the beginning, then yes. He'd have been less of an asshole/less serious (when sober) all these years. He would have been more like RDJ before RDJ was even Iron Man.

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Namor could become extremely popular if Marvel eventually made a movie out of him. Yes, even more than Aquaman (to the GA that's not much of a challlenge, but to readers the films could make him more likeable).

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I don't know/care if this has been done before, I might as well do an updated topic on it.

Steve Rogers
Emil Blonsky

Anyway simple, Cap and Blonsky from the MCU go toe to toe. An argument I've been having with my friend was that Blonsky seems physically faster and not to mention, but more pissed. Cap on the other hand did not seem as strong as him - can Cap even do backflips? He certainly hasn't shown he can, but we all might as well base our facts on what we got.

- Fight takes place in the open field at the university where Blonsky went up against Hulk

- Cap doesn't have his shield and Blonsky doesn't have any weapons, purely hand to hand combat

- Bloodlusted, Who wins?

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One thing that's bugging me right now is how American critics are criticising the Aussie characters accents when they were spot on. Love Rob Kazinsky.

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I used to love the idea of having so much money so at home I would pretend to be looking for lost coins in everyone's room but really I was just ransacking my parents and siblings wallets. I got caught for the first time when I was 11, I was on holidays at a beach house with literally y entire family/cousins and stole 50 bucks from the rental book on the day we were leaving. A few hours later, all my uncles/aunties panicked and I was blamed for playing with the rental book in the morning so my dad forced me to look for it. I was thinking of putting it in one of the last pages of the book but everyone would see me so I almost threw it in the bushes but I didn't want to lose it. Eventually my dad seemed way too suspicious and started checking my stuff and found it in my shorts, so I was caught - probably the most embarrassing moment of my life. Now whenever money goes missing my parents blame it on me when I never steal anymore. I think my sister knows my parents will blame everything on me and I think she's the one who's stealing all this money...

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They made Falcon stupid in this show, he shouldn't even be associated with Iron Man in the capacity that has already been shown, he should have some history with Cap.

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An Avengers movie with the Big 4 (Cap, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk), Wolverine and Spider-Man would literally destroy the Box-Office but seeing how FOX and Sony are greedy bastards who want to rise above Marvel while completely copying their "shared universe" technique, it's not going to happen for awhile. I agree though, it seems as if Hugh Jackman wants in for the cash - Jackman KNOWS that fans want to see Wolverine in an Avengers which is why he keeps on teasing/saying in various interviews that he's been trying to talk with some executives to make it happen.

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He would be so much better in the Avengers Universe but knowing FOX and their eager to rise above Marvel Studios, they'd probably claim him first - I'm pretty sure Namor has rights issues similar to Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch:

Namor is constantly referred to as the First Mutant and has a connection to X-Men

Has a mild connection to the Fantastic Four

And also has a connection to Cap and the Avengers

I would prefer Namor in the Avengers Universe in terms of quality


I would prefer him in the X-Men/Fantastic Four Universe in terms of interactions/dialogue (btw, FF and X-Men exist in the same movie-verse thanks to the asshole that goes by the name of Mac Miller I mean Mark Millar).