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Don worry man, Bane was the last one( I think),

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Renner Hawkeye wasnt bad but also it wasnt even good either, In fact for me it was among the top 1 flaw , consider it as the weaklist link of the chain in Avengers movie. Frankly without disrespecting Renner i think he had a barely really barely idea of how emulate Clint Barton personality ,he was kinda lost in his performance. Although i havebt think whou could be a batter actor for Hawkeye, I cant stop to think that for the first and most probably last time,Ryan Reynolds could have fit the role, Ryan took bad decisions in accepting Hal Jordan simply because his whole persona do3snt help him achieve to green lantern fans and casual ones if they read the comic believe him, and also his was not a good Deadpool either and i hope they dont choose him to portrrait Deadpool again.

Human Torch, Iceman, Hawkeye, Flash, all this character share a base personality that at some point differ from each other, in some degree Spiderman too share this category now mix all this characters persnalities with insanity and you get Deadpool.

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I think I respect him more now that he choose to be in sin city 2 and not GoG. You need to have brains n blls to make such a good decision; i wished that a fraction of that could have had nolan, hardy and hathaweird before making nolans vatman movie.

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Perfect , i was hoping they put the cherry on the cake with Bane as the last member in the Batman roster although at the same wasnt sure, afraid they end up putting the blas$%/()==btch/$&sht pathetic version of nolans bane instead of the right one. I see Bane as a Dual mode very versatile character if they can make Bane a character to be played with and without the Venom in the same character.

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Wolverine can defeat Captain America and Spiderman

But cant defeat Batman

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This is not Batman this pathethic idea of fight is based in the shsful vatman of shistofer nolan.

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It seems many people do not realize what it means to wield the universal force or well at least the 25% spectrum of it with traces to reach to wield the 100% (the Unify force) or ToE, against some who can only hold the power that contain limited and inert objects such as 10 rings which cant compare against the force that is in the universe itself.

Magneto in his base level (only using the electromagnetic spectrum) can easily repel block or parried whatever mandarin throw to him.

As some stated before each of Mandarins ring have a particular power but elemental powers such as: Lightning, fire, wind, water-ice, earth are hierarchically inferior to the universal force, that Mags own and wield. The other five rings whichs it seems to emulate aphysical phenomenon of the universe such: black light, rearenge molecules, vortex all this a behavior or interaction of forces such as the magnetic and gravitational, Magneto can wield it too and far better than Mandarin and in a bigger scale. Magneto senses and wield the power because his body create this force and also he channels it from the space, Mandarin have the power only through the rings nothing more. Mandarin has a wide variety of powers but I dare to said that he cant surpass Iceman and ice or Human Torch in fire or Storm or Thor in electric power catch the dlft so what chances does he have against Magneto.

This battle might seems a thought one at first but Mandarin is not in the same level as Magneto, a more interesting fight will be Mandarin against Mr Sinister or against Lucky

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It seems that your pointing each other at their base level, but its important to set first which is Batman official base level? I think before delimit or answer this is obligatory to admit first that the advantage of Batman is scaling. He can upgrade his suit to a battlesuit or exoskeleton or armor if you think thats what is missing to upgrade his strenght? The famous prep time that some characters have in both brands but just few characters dignify and can really carry on properly and effectively (such as Iron Man, Dr Doom, Luthor, Darkseid, Joker, Batman Inc..).

Caps fight and offer mainly what you see from him,ok he can give a plus his the spirit of the avengers the will and loyalty to a team to a country to what is right, but Batman simply just go beyond from all of this. With or without his well earned prep time his godly will, keenness and intellectis is always there. He is the indomitable spirit of humankind and self-belief along with sacrifice & limits not because he cant avoid it but because is correct.

If this cant be considered on behalf of Batman the same should be said from the likes of Dr Doom and Iron man then...

No one mess with Batman is a phrase that many people came to know even those who are not fans tend to realize it, I think is a well earned merit for those who conceive and have been part of the 70+ years of the legacy of Batman. I havent met no one who doesnt saw or heard or know something of batman old and youngs, rich and poor, from the monks in the tibet to merchants in the India and the strangest thing they dont related to the US is just a universal concept ispart of the general culture

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Good article, youre being to nice to think and express that way. I for the other side spit everytime someone talk about nolans shtflul trilogy; I thought the idea of making a film based on a comic im mean a cultural figure, concept an ideal well defined from75+ years of history that are in the minds of fans and casual pl alike, 75 years which explains clearly the physical aspect (height,type& color of hair, eyecolor, likes&dislikes, personality of every single fkn character could help to reach the complex and enigmatic logic of represent the characters from the original source faithfully to the big screen with their backgrounds intact or not drastically changed, no one asked to restart the concept from 0 ok they can do whatever but why in the big fk screen; "realistic batman" who said Batman isnt realictic enought the way it is so far to provide a completely different argument from this media. I thing WB should mantain the same measure DC used about Batman continuity. Waltdisney does not make the same faults with marvel; so far with the films at least from Iron Man 1 up today. I just really want that nolan dont mess anymore with any DC character, or Batman at least. Batman Begins was good but WB should have changed him the moment he conceived which actors supposed to be what characters.

The people the division of WB behind the concept the plot of the game of arkam asylum- city should have made the films instead of nolan, They know what theyre doing instead of confusing the people by telling that batman is a ashle that get frustrated when someone make him ru for his money.

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Mags has already defeated Thor and cant be taked by just one Avenger alone, there are better opponents for Mags than Thor this battle itself is boring.