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The Amazing Mike x20 gained 20 superpowers after volunteering to be a test subject for the US government.

His Powers:

1. Can change any plant into any other plant.

2. The ability to create pizza, with the limit of up to 5 extra toppings.

3. Super-sewing: No needle and no thread necessary, fabrics just mend or sew together through force of will.

4. Super Hearing: Only works if people are talking to, or about him.

5. He "uses" everything he eats or drinks. He produces no waste. He can also digest things that would normally be poisonous, with no harmful side effects.

6. Enhanced Strength: He can lift approximately 1500 pounds.

7. Anti-Decoder Vision: He can read complex codes, as if the were written in plain English.

8. Plaque fighting and anti-cavity saliva: No cavities or bad breath for Mike x20, or those he's making out with.

9. Light Vision: He can shoot 2 beams of light from his eyes, similar to two headlights.

10. Shape Shifting: With the drawback that any shape he chooses, he's stuck with for a week. And the shapes must be at least vaguely human in appearance.

11. Super-Metabolism: Mike x20 gains no weight, no matter what he eats.

12. He has an understanding with animals: He can't really control or talk to him, but all animals seem to like him. (Doesn't work for humans or primates)

13. Speed Reading: He can read a large novel in under 2 minutes.

14. He can hold his breath for 20 hours.

15. He can purify water by sticking his finger in it. (Up to a 1 gallon container)

16. He can drive or pilot anything. He may not know how everything on the craft works however.

17. He's a quick learner. He can pick up new skills and talents in hours. (This doesn't mean he masters them though)

18. He can read any language, speaking it requires a few minutes of hearing it.

19. Super Smell: He always smells good, no matter how much he sweats.

20. Independently Wealthy: Is it a power? Is he secretly funded? He doesn't know.