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This is pretty close. They are both super strong dumbasses. They have a very similar skill set. Hulk " smash" while Grundy "crush". The one glaring advantage hulk posseses over Grundy is his popularity. The people who write comics take popularity into account. That's why Batman can take on anybody and win. He is the second or third most popular character in all of comics. So when you ask who would win, THE Incredible Hulk! Vs Solomon Grundy? Hulk duh. He is the strongest one there is.

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No, flash is a notorious horn dog and black widow would take advantage and seduce his ass.

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Thor can beat shazam, hulk can beat superman. Ms marvel can beat wonder woman, iron man can beat cyborg, red hulk would keep hal jordan busy enough til backup comes. Aquaman and namor are pretty equal, (although alot of people don't agree) green arrow is comprable to hawkeye. Captain america can beat batman. Falcon can keep hawkgirl occupied. Dr strange and scarlet witch can do crazy magic/hex stuff and beat raven together. Black widow would seduce flash and stab him in the head while she's on top. Vision and manhunter would just go low density mode back and forth, trying to hit each other. The only one left is spiderman and Supergirl. She would smash him. When I say "can" I don't mean would every time. But the avengers with this line up could win. You'd have to add ms marvel though. I forgot to put her in. That makes the Marvel's lineup one more than jl

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<p>I figured somebody would come on here and say it's one sided. All you did was list some of the strong characters in JLA with a small discription behind them. I can do the same with the strong avengers, hulk-the strongest one there is, red hulk-super dousche, hot ass hell version of the hulk, Thor- god of thunder, Dr strange- sorcerer supreme. I'm not saying your wrong it's just your description of how and why the JL would win was all JLA. But to keep you interested in writing a lenghty reply. after half of the weak avengers get american history x'd Dr. Strange says fuck this, goes talks his homeboy silver surfer at the other end of the galaxy, gets his annilators to come back to earth(Beta ray bill, captain mar-vel, ronnen the acusor, nova and gladiator) at the same time, iron man gets his Illuminati, inhuman buddy black bolt to come help, they also get ghost rider and sentry's crazy ass to come help, oh and I forgot ms. Marvel (pretty much wonder woman without the laso and bracelets). So the final roster for avengers, Dr strange, hulk, red hulk, thor, iron man, captain marvel, Bata ray bill, silver surfer, ronon the acusor, gladiator, nova, black bolt, ghost rider and sentry. I know that's 14 so just add nightwing to make the #'s even. if you don't know who these characters are, go look em up. Sentry can fuck up all the JL by himself minus maybe superman, shazam and green lantern. Black bolt would dissolve everyone's electrons minus maybe superman, gladiator has the some of the same powers as Superman...beta ray bill is a horse headed Thor...

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Alright. I am not too keen on all the members of each team. I know avengers have a huge amount of members so were gonna restrict the amount of avengers to the same amount of JLA members that I know of. so here's the cast....JLA-Superman, Green Lantern, Aqua man, Wonder Woman, cyborg, Captain Marvel, Batman, Hawk girl, Martian Man Hunter, raven, super girl, green arrow and the flash. Ok so, that leaves the Avengers line up restricted to 13, So the obvious ones to choose are Captain America, Iron man, Thor, and Hulk. That leaves 9, more out of many to choose from. Those are, Namor, red hulk, Dr strange. Vision, Scarlet witch, falcon, spiderman, black widow, and Hawkeye. I know a lot of JL/DC fans are gonna say "Justice League, curb stomp" I lean towards Avengers with with lineup with scarlet witch the odds would be in the avengers favor, anything that can go right for the avengers so give your opinion and give your reasoning behind it. And dont just say Superman.

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I was planning on writing a fanfic but I wanted ideas to pool from. There are many opinions on the strength difference in heroes from marvel to DC. I wanted to gauge how superman would fare to best and worst marvel can throw at him

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<p>Alright, this is not so much a battle as it is an idea for a marvel/DC crossover. Loki, finds a way to go to metropolis, he helps superman fight bad guys, then gives him some sob story about his "midguard" being taken over by super villain teams such as the x men and avengers. What happens? Of course superman finds out Loki is lying and he beats up a lot of people before he does but now superman is in the marvel universe, plug him into marvel events like fear itself, civil war, AvsX, cosmic stories like guardians of the galexy etc. Anything really. I'd like to hear him vs gladiator and other strong people as well as how his ideals would match up with social issues of marvel like mutants, and the super human registration act. Also consider how he would interact with fellow superheros.

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Loki, god of mischief, goes through the nexus of all realities, goes to metropolis, helps superman fight various bad guys, then begs Superman to help him defeat all these various "supervillains" that have taken over his version of earth he calls midguard. They go to the Marvel universe. What are certain things that happen? Of course superman finds out that Loki is full of it and that all the people he's been fighting are good, but I want to hear what people say. Interactions between superman and the marvel universe. Anything and everything! Vs battles, friendships, the impact he would have on marvel story lines like civil war, avengers vs x-men, fear itself, civil war, etc.

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"Prepping" is stupid. It goes from reacting in combat to each other's attributes to some ridiculously, well thought out plan by Bruce Wayne to win over everybody and anybody. He'd beat Adam Warlock with the Infinity gauntlet with enough prep time according to all these Batman deepthroaters on here. So forget prep time, it's not a doomsday scenario. The question that needs to be asked by everyone reading this topic is this: can Batman take on and defeat all of Spiderman's foes like Spiderman does, and can Spidey do the same to all of Batman's villains and can they do so as easily as the other can? In my opinion, yes to Spiderman, no to Batman. Bayne vs Spidey? Spidey breaks baine's back the first time around, and with no prep!!! Now, many of Spidey's enemies would be a piece of cake for Bruce with knowledge of them, but Spidey had to go toe to toe with very powerful villains before he learned their weaknesses. Could batman survive as long as spidey or even long enough to ecscape back the the bat cave and "detect" the shit out of the badguys until he comes back with sufficient "prep". could Batman, patrolling the streets of Gotham, come across, let's say....the lizard, and survive? What about the Juggarnaut? Or venom, or carnage, or Rhino, all of which make baine look like a bitch in the weight room. Spiderman is on a different power level. Yeah he's street level just like the dark knight, but he takes on heavy hitters all the time and bests them, using a combination of brain and brawn, batman falls too short in the brawn department to hang with them.Could he defeat all those villains I just listed? Yes, use science to turn the lizard back to the good doctor, find the crystal for jug head, sonics for venom and carnage and lead rhino charging into an atumantium cage, but does he even survive the first encounter like Spidey? I don't think so. Here's how my fight goes down, Batman is patrolling in NYC/Gotham in his bat car, spidey is in his apartment banging mj, they both hear on police radio about a robbery In progress, both get there about the same time but one gets there slightly faster, stops the robber, and is holding the dollar bag when the other gets there. Let's say Batman gets there first. Spidey shoots the bag out of his hand and sticks bm's hand to a nearby wall, sm then says something funny, but before he can finish there's a batarang headed to his face which he doges, shoots with web, or catches, whatever. Batman cuts himself free, looks at this small, skinny guy in front of him and thinks, "this guy is fast, but he doesn't look too strong, I'll do what I do best and disappear, then attack." He uses the shadows and smoke pellets and hides, then when spidey's scratching his head he drops down from above only to be met with a back hand spring, double footed push kick to the chest that sends him flying in a nearby trash pile. While BM recovers and stands back up, is hit again with a swinging, two footed, trademark, Spidey kick to the chest. With bm dazed, and hurt Spidey hits his chest with web, tugs and batman's chin collides with Spiderman's fist, POW!, WHAM!, KABOOM!, KNOCKOUT! Spiderman then takes his belt and wrist spikes off so batman can't free himself, gets shocked a little bit, and then strings him up for the police.....of course Gordon would release him and then batman would do his research, find out that spidey's a good guy, go look for him, befriend him, fight crime together, use spidey's blood to give him the same powers as spiderman and together, they rid Gotham/NYC of all crime. Spiderman wins this fight all day, and he holds back in his power as to not punch through batman's skull.</p>