how the new 52 has made me shift my views/my first comicvine post

if anyone says i have no idea how to write, prepare to be laughed at! heh.

comics, for me, are my lifeblood. when i was six, i saw comics when my dad worked at the local 7-eleven down the street from me. i remember kids from the local college coming in and getting a Slurpee and reading them while my dad stopped me from going and asking them what were they reading (note: if you live in tennessee and read this, 7-eleven has been out of memphis and the state for nearly two decades now. well, OVER two decades.) but as i got older, i began to realize how much or influential to people. unfortunately, my first comic was not bought until i was ten. that was an x-men adventures book, and eventually they stuck. i got packs of books from the j.c. penney catalog, followed Wizard Magazine, and just followed everything. but read: i was a MARVEL kid. my dad was marvel, transformers was a marvel property. so was G.I. Joe. i was well versed in everything from x-men to the fantastic four. but i guess, as years went by, i matured, grew up. i laughed at reading something from DC. in the random packs from J.C. Penney, i wound up getting the entire volume of all star squadron and enjoyed it.DC was a joke to me until my early 20s. i remember my first DC book purchased was Hush vol. 2. it was pretty epic. loved it. i wound up getting vol 1 and from 2004 on, i was DC. my second big trade was "crisis on infinite earths" because you could not really get into the Universe without reading that. darn it i am ranting!

since then i bought all the big event books: blackest night, final crisis, sinestro corps war: all of superman/batman, all star batman and robin (by the way, weird book) the frank miller stuff, the 2 rebirth books. i loved it. but one thing always irked me. for the DC fan, a Casual reader, who just wants something new, you have to be DEDICATED and know about the DC universe. you have to know TONS which is my only gripe about dc. with marvel there were always self contained arcs, and most of the time, you could just pick up a trade and go the next month and know what is up. DC never gave you an option, and many die hard comic fans will LAUGH if you ask what is going on (btw, THANK YOU COMIC VINE AND USERS FOR BEING SUPER FRIENDLY TO EVERYONE!). DC is or WAS the TRUE comic fan's company while marvel let you in with welcome arms.

but since marvel is owned by the Antichrist (the walt disney company) i dropped them like a bad habit... which they were. a 4 issue story arc in trade form is almost 25 bucks. the age of apocalypse is almost 120 bucks on amazon. no thank you. DC was the hardcore "no newbies allowed" company. the only way folks could get involved in the company was through the games, or shows, or films... until now.

DC comics was smart to welcome the new 52 in my opinion. as stated multiple times, DC was hardcore. if you wanted to learn about anything say... green lantern, by the time you were finished you needed a damn asprin and vicodin to dull the pain. with the flash, i was a fan of Wally West. I THOUGHT HE WAS THE ORIGINAL FLASH UNTIL READING CRISIS! it was full of perpetual mindfudges which screwed people up! the new 52 offers what many fanboys wanted and what new readers needed. a simple square ONE. many of the stories are the same, tweaked for the modern era, and some new people have been thrown in to make it better. for the past month, every time i go into the shop, i see someone new, buying a new copy of a book they never would have bought. heck, i bought BATWOMAN last week... BATWOMAN! i have never bought a book with a female lead and i loved it. a jumping point everyone wants and many books and writers have shifted offering a great change. it is too much to talk about, but in the past month every book i have purchased, i can say i have enjoyed. the only gripe i head from everyone was justice league and it was minor at best. now that all DC fans, new and old are on equal ground, where can this lead many readers? simple: the wallet or just the allure of something new will be their guide. i know it has with me, so from a former Marvel Comics fan i can say i have made the jump and never looked back. let us just hope that the new 52 has introduced readers and made them permanent, and not made them the newest people who purchased tons of copies of x-men vol 2 #1 in 1991 and caused the comic CRASH. let us just hope they they stay around until next year when we see who in the new 52 survives, please?

thank you for reading my insanely convoluted rant. if you read it. next time it will be more refined!