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Batwoman covers have always been amazing:D

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He doesn't have to tell us to read it... It's already given a thing that his books are the ones every self-respecting comic book reader should get at their local store every month. 
Oh.. and that dive-bomb-then-glide up-at-the-last-moment thing that Bats just did is sooooo Arkham City!:D 
Looks like Snyder and Capullo just played the game when they thought of this:D AWESOME....

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These should all be comic book variants:D 
That THOR one is my favorite of the bunch!:D

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Wow... those earth two drawings ROCK!!! 
I can see detail EVERYWHERE!!!!

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Characters first for me... 
I have this 'bias' approach about comic books most of the time... 
I usually check out my favorite characters first and then the writers second. 
If a good writer is handling my favorite character then that's a big win for me:D 
Though there are some rare occasions where I pick the writer regardless of the chracter(s) he's handling.

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This should be drawn by Jim Lee, Tony Daniel, Dustin Nguyen or... waitaminute... :P

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Leaving the hero in a pretty nasty predicament thus in a way "breaking" him (ala knightfall) has always been a staple in traditional storytelling. This shows the hero (and the reader) that sometimes, you just have to go through it all the hard way before capturing your goal. This and the fact that readers REALLY love how the protagonist gets back to his feet, learns his lesson and faces his opponents again to finish the job. It just never fails:D

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Batman doesn't have to worry about the rain... 
He actually looks really cool getting caught in it!:D

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Ok... Ok.... the artwork... is GORGEOUS!!

Now, if they can write an awesome story to go along with it... then consider me on board!XD

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That's the time when the Team's brother(sister?!)hood truly is tested. To what point are they willing to forgive someone that has betrayed their trust?