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It's not a concept that not done before.. but what the heck. You know the saying about the  
"not broken thingy" right?

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Super Powered couple? ummm.... No.

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Finally... some Bat and Cat action!:D

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I just hope they won't regret this decision. 
I'm a bit iffy especially for the current Bat-books in the market now. Batman INC, Batman and Robin, Detective Comics etc... these are all really good books. They better come up with something at least AS GOOD as these.

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For me it was a good move for Superman to renounce his 'American' citizenship'. It isn't the early 1900's anymore. I think it's more appropriate for him to represent the entire human race rather than a sigle country. American Jingoism is not the right way for the world now because the world isn't all about America.

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I remember that certain "Batman Jones" in Battle for the Cowl. hahaha! 
I thought it as just some lame senseless joke. I never knew their was a bit of comic book history to it.

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Hey, as long as there's a good story behind it and the character is still respectable as it's original version.. then I have no problems with reboots whatsoever.

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I don't think it's necessary to 'age' Bruce "Batman" Wayne. Sure they can do it in one shots or elseworlds but in main continuity? I don't think so. Comic Book Characters are suppose to be ageless. They will always be at their prime no matter what generation are currently reading them right now. Although the thing about Dick transitioning from Robin to Nightwing to a new Batman is an exception. I guess this is to show that Batman is more than just a single individual but a universal IDEAL that anyone with the same mindset can take and put a personal spin to.

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I feel rather bad about the guys behind this show.

I guess it really isn't the right time to create a show/movie for Wonder woman.
DC really needs another hit superhero to jump out of the comic books aside from bats and supes.
I just hope Green Lantern is up to it this coming June.
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Batman has been around for so many years now. I think he expanded the cave bit by bit instead of creating the whole thing in all its glory in one seating.

Oh and I don't think he has only ONE batcave, but several interconnecting bases of operation scattered throughout Gotham.