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Really accurate article. That top one is soo frikkin true. As a comic book shop goer, for some reason I just wait for that "golden opportunity" when you can now approach the register and pay for your stuff. haha!

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As much as I love Venom better... I think Norman as Green Goblin here would get an upper hand in this fight. He has the means, the tenacity, and the weapons (sonic bombs, flamethrowers) that can be a HUGE problem for a symbiote.

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The Cap one is really cool to look at! I love things that are purposedly designed like it has aged. But that Batman variant made my jaw drop! I immedietley remembered the Batman animated series from the 90s with the blimps above gotham! Really awesome cover!!

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Batman: HUSH

Why? Well, simply because it's the comic book story arc for bats that got me to return into reading and collecting comics!

The story is basically a "pit Batman against every popular rogue he has faced before with a new baddie behind it all" story. It's pretty simple actually, yet it has enough twists and turns in it which makes it very hard to drop once you start reading it. Oh, and what's a good comic story if it doesn't have awesome artwork to go with it? And with Jim Lee penciling this one, it DID NOT DISAPPOINT. I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who loves Batman and reading great stories in general!

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Sigh... it's a sad day for comics when good ones get cancelled. Ho.. hum...

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LOL at that image with Taskmaster impaling Bats with a sword.

Kudos to Microsoft Paint!:D

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Batman wins because Taskmaster is a villain. Villains never win:P

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I want Bats to win, but if you're gonna pit "movie" Batman against "movie" Dredd, then it's letting a watered-down character face against someone who's pretty much like his comic book counterpart.

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This is basically Fox's 'Avengers'.

A definite X-Men All-Stars!

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No Rocksteady?? Oh crap.. I hope the gameplay and the story is still just as good. I don't want this game to just be a cheap cash grab and fail in comparison to the first two games. I wanna be excited for this game because it's good:)