Tragedy in the Wayne Family

As some of you have may heard, Damien Wayne, the current robin and true son of Bruce Wayne, will die wednesday in the upcoming issue of Batman Incorporated. According to writer Mr. Alan Moore, Damien Wayne will die doing his job which is saving the world, making him a hero. If Mr.Moore really has the cajones and does kill off the latest boy wonder, there will be a question on everybodies mind. How will Bruce Wayne cope with the loss of his boy, of his son, his only flesh and blood family? Batman has lost his family before when his mother and father, Martha and Thomas Wayne. Can he withstand the pain? How will he cope? Will he lash out at Talia Al Ghul and hurt or even kill here out of grief and rage? Will Batman avenge his fallen son? How will Talia react? Will she have a mothers grief and will she shrug off his death? Could the loss of their son bring Talia and Bruce together or will it damage their relationship beyond repair.What do you think? And do you think that DC will bring him back, maybe via Lazarus Pit. Tell me what you think!

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Posted by mightypug78

all i can say is that if damien does truly die, he has to go out kicking a$$

Posted by nickthedevil

A renegade Batman who has to be held back by Nightwing, Red Hood, and Tim Drake? Cool.

Posted by VaizD

You're mixing up Alan Moore and Grant Morrison. Just thought I'd point that out. Also, Bruce gon' be pissed.

Posted by mightypug78

its come to my attention that i mixed up the name of grant morrison and alan moore. was in a state of shock when i wrote this so i got mixed up. sorry for the mix-up and thanks to VaizD for pointing that out.

Posted by FalconPuuunch

Why would they announce this? Would have been ten times better if it just happened. Also... Batman Inc.??? Why?