The art of comic book books

Comic books have gone a long way since they first appeared. Originally just a source of entertainment for kids and artists everywhere who worked for the comic book industry back then were almost embarrassed to admit they made a living drawing for comic books. I wonder how surprised the early pioneers of the comic book industry would be if they found a crystal ball and saw how popular comics books have become in the mainstream culture and when they saw that some consider comic books a entirely new medium of art that can be respected and even praised. Today, people who draw or write for comic books dont feel embarrassed like some of their predecessor may have been, they instead proudly show of their work. My personal favorite comic book artists and writers include Seth McFarlane, Alan Moore, and Stan Lee. What would be even more impressive to the writers and artists of old is that comic books like Maus have even won pulitzer prizes. Today, comic books are for both kids and adults and adults with kids inside them and are respected by both artists and writers.

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