A surprise in store

I was in a pawn shop store, looking around while i waited for the comic book store a couple of blocks down to open up their mail and set out the new comic books. While i was looking around, i see a tote full of comic books. 1 dollar for 1 comic book or 7 comic books for 5. great deal right? I went through the totes and looked through them all. i had a pile of about 10 comic books picked out but i was force to pick just one in the light of my recently lost work study. the one i chose? the one that was most interesting. 1995 Batman/Judge Dredd: The Ultimate Riddle. I thought that i had found a diamond in the rough but i was sort of let down. The artwork was great and amazing but the comic book most overpowering flaw that overwhelmed the quality of the comic book was how short it was. The fight scenes felt rushed and i feel like that i barely got to feel any of the characters, even the most prolific ones like batman and judge dredd. it just felt so shallow. I feel that this comic book would have done better if it had been stretched. its a crying shame. but then again the art is great and it makes an interesting read but i just dont see myself wanting to read this again and again. But if you see it in a store somewhere, dont be afraid to pick it up if its really cheap. nuff said.

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Posted by King Saturn
Pawn Shops and Thrift Stores have some Awesome Finds sometimes...
Posted by mightypug78

@King Saturn: i know right! :D nothing more exciting that seeing an box of comic books in the corner of your eyes and searching for the gems.