Who is your favorite lantern?

The DC universe is filled with lanterns of all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes and some are cooler than others. Who is your favorite lantern? For me personally, I had a hard time picking between the rage fueled Atrocitus and the greedy Larfleeze and right now, i'm leaning more towards Larfleeze as being my favorite. It's hard for me to not to love the greedy s.o.b. If you asked me this question years ago, I would've said Kyle Rayner, the first lantern i ever became familiar with in comic books.


Best anime/animated tv series ever?

What do you think was the best anime/animated tv series ever? Name your top one or two on your list. For me, the best anime/animated tv series ever was Cowboy Bebop. My second favorite is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. It was very close to being first on my list but Cowboy Bebop was just too good.



Once in awhile two or more comic books will do a crossover. Some are decent but a few are epic like Spiderman Vs Superman, Batman vs Predator, and Robocop vs Terminator. Comic book fans like these crossovers because we want to see them cross "swords" or we are just interested in seeing how they interact with each other. What crossover would you like to see and if its already been done, which crossover would you like to see again. I always wanted to see a Judge Dredd/Robocop crossover.

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Vision (marvel) vs Cyborg (DC)

New 52 Cyborg vs Vision.

1st battle- sudden confrontation with no prep time. battle takes place on the s.h.i.e.l.d heli-carrier (random place)

2nd battle- Vision has prep time and Cyborg doesn't . battle takes place at the Teen Titan headquarters.

3rd battle- Cyborg has prep time and Vision doesn't. battle takes place in the avengers mansion.


What was your first comic book "love"?

Alot of comic book collectors like myself have stories about how they got introduced to the fun world of comic books whether they were introduced to the world of comic books by a family member/relative or they were in a place that sold comic books and made a curiosity driven purchase that got them hooked into the world of comic books. But what was your first comic book "love"? What was the first comic book series you started collecting once the world of comic books had you in its clutch (and its fingers in your wallet). For me, my first comic book love was the short lived comic book series "Go Boy 7". What was yours?



Just discovered the biography of Bor, father of Odin on comicvine. very fascinating character. i hope Marvel Now! brings back this character if he hasnt already been back yet. In the hands of an most excellent writer, this character could be very interesting. It would be interesting to see what affect the return of Bor to Asgard would have politically. would Asgard suffer a splitting into factions that want and don't want Bor back as ruler, whether he wants it or not? How would odin or thor react if they found out (if they havent yet) who really banished Bor. It would be great to see the trio, Bor+Odin+Thor take on a celestial or two. what do my fellow comic book readers think?


The Superior Spiderman

I'm excited about the new directions this new dark spiderman will go but i must admit i am worried that doc ock will not take peter parkers life lessons to heart and become that masked menace that jonah jameson always said that spiderman was. what do you think about the new "superior" spiderman?

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A review of Judge Dredd #1

WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOILERS Picked this up yesterday at the local comic book store. Wasn't going to pick it up originally but with its flashy cover i thought "oooh shiny" and just couldn't resist picking it up. I don't regret doing so. The art was good and satisfied me and the colors were great in my opinion. As for the story and plotline, nothing major happened but certain small events hinted at big things to come in the comic book such a possible robot revolution and the appearance of a lone unseen gunman who i speculate may or may not be a rogue judge but its too early to tell. Although the art and color was great and the storyline had hints, it wasnt an exceptional comic book and i personally think that the new Judge Dredd series could go both ways in term of good and bad and as for the cover that attracted me to it, the shield on it is really awesome, demanding your attention and drawing your focus. The material it was made of was unusual too as it was thicker than most comic book covers and felt more durable as well. If you have some spare pocket change, pick this comic book up although it is 3.99, a dollar more than the usual comic book.

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A surprise in store

I was in a pawn shop store, looking around while i waited for the comic book store a couple of blocks down to open up their mail and set out the new comic books. While i was looking around, i see a tote full of comic books. 1 dollar for 1 comic book or 7 comic books for 5. great deal right? I went through the totes and looked through them all. i had a pile of about 10 comic books picked out but i was force to pick just one in the light of my recently lost work study. the one i chose? the one that was most interesting. 1995 Batman/Judge Dredd: The Ultimate Riddle. I thought that i had found a diamond in the rough but i was sort of let down. The artwork was great and amazing but the comic book most overpowering flaw that overwhelmed the quality of the comic book was how short it was. The fight scenes felt rushed and i feel like that i barely got to feel any of the characters, even the most prolific ones like batman and judge dredd. it just felt so shallow. I feel that this comic book would have done better if it had been stretched. its a crying shame. but then again the art is great and it makes an interesting read but i just dont see myself wanting to read this again and again. But if you see it in a store somewhere, dont be afraid to pick it up if its really cheap. nuff said.