Talents of spiderman! what do u choose?

You can only have one of spidermans abilities and talents!

What do you pick? you can pick a) super strength +agility and any immune defenses he has

b)spider sense

c) intellect

d) wall climbing

e) other

i would choose intellect to start a corporation and make my own suit!


Welcome to Arkham Asylum!

You are the mighty Pickler, scourge of Gotham City and bane of Batman! With your salt and slightly bitter fist, you threatened to crush Gotham as you began to raid the local IGA grocery stores! That was..until the evil Batman showed up and foiled your mightly and not-so-well-laid-out plans in less than 7 seconds. In Gothams puny court of law, you loudly proclaimed the foolishness of them detaining and that the only outcome of their refusal to let you go would be complete and total destruction at the hands of the superior Pickler! But the fools foolishly did not listen to you. They had the audacity to send you to Arkham Asylum! You were insane, they said, INSANE! But you have a plan! A great plan! Dave, the computer repair man at Arkham Asylum, you know him and he owes the mighty Pickler a favor! You will have him place you in a cell between two inmates of your choosing and when the time comes, you will recruit them as your henchman! Not even this white comfortable jacket they are placing you in can hold you back! They'll rue the day they dared to lock up the menacing Pickler! Who do you choose to be placed between? Too bad the JOKER isn't there today.


The art of comic book books

Comic books have gone a long way since they first appeared. Originally just a source of entertainment for kids and artists everywhere who worked for the comic book industry back then were almost embarrassed to admit they made a living drawing for comic books. I wonder how surprised the early pioneers of the comic book industry would be if they found a crystal ball and saw how popular comics books have become in the mainstream culture and when they saw that some consider comic books a entirely new medium of art that can be respected and even praised. Today, people who draw or write for comic books dont feel embarrassed like some of their predecessor may have been, they instead proudly show of their work. My personal favorite comic book artists and writers include Seth McFarlane, Alan Moore, and Stan Lee. What would be even more impressive to the writers and artists of old is that comic books like Maus have even won pulitzer prizes. Today, comic books are for both kids and adults and adults with kids inside them and are respected by both artists and writers.

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Damian Wayne's funeral

You are a member of batman incorporated and you are at a funeral or memorial dedicated to Damian Wayne. At this funeral/memorial, you are allowed to play one piece of music, what do you play? I would play a modified version of jimi hendrix's "Little Wing". It would be purely instrumental up until the part before he plays the guitar solo where he says "fly on little wing".


Hal Jordan and Simon Baz!

I'm sure that many dc comic book readers are familiar with the newest green lantern from earth, Simon Baz. Mere days after getting his ring, Simon Baz has managed to perform feats no other lantern has before and lately, he has met up with Hal Jordan (and sinestro) who appear to have been trapped in the black lanterns ring. The question is... should Hal Jordan take back his lead role in the Green Lantern comics or should the rookie keep the spot light? I personally think that Simon Baz should keep the lead role in Green Lantern comics so we can see this great new character develop or better yet, have Hal Jordan in the sidelines mentoring the new lantern, helping him become the best lantern he can be. What do you think?


Ge-Man vs. Lion-0

As some of you may and may not know, Screwattack's very own Deathbattle team is going to match up He-Man and Lion-O in a fight to the death. The deathbattle team are very good at what they do, taking consideration of every fact, doing all the math, and using logic without bias to figure out who would win? So who do you think would win in a fight to the death to the death fellow viners and why do you think whoever you pick will win? As for me, I'm not sure. He man has the strength but lion-o has the speed.

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Peter Park: Dark Realizations

As some of you may or may not know, warning plot spoiler ahead so turn back if you don't want to know, Otto Octavius aka Spiderman has executed the villian known as Massacre. Using Massacre's own gun, Otto shot Massacre point blank range and executed him although Massacre had just shown emotion and hope that he could be "cured". The thing is that Peter Parker could not stop Otto or , i think, deep down, Peter Parker did not want to stop Otto Octavius. In previous issues, we have seen that Peter Park has held some sway over Otto Octavius's actions as we saw in the recent issue where he influenced Otto into saving a bystander. In the first issue, he even stopped Otto Octavius from killing a member of the new sinister six so the question is, why couldnt Peter Parker stop Otto? Is the will of Peter Park diminishing and growing weaker, did Otto want to kill Massacre so badly that it blocked out Peter's will, or is the reason much darker? Did Peter Parker did not, deep down, care about the fate of Massacre? What do you think?



It's simple, some zombies are worse than others. What film do you think had the the most horrifying zombies? Deadites excluded. Personally, the zombies from the Return of the Living Dead were the worse considering that you couldn't effin kill them! And does anyone have a favorite particular zombie individual?


Dawn of the Nightbreed

Recently, as in less than an hour ago, I finished a under appreciated film called Nightbreed. While it was far from being the perfect movie, I saw plenty of potential in almost all of the characters and when the film was over, i was left wanting more and the need to know about each of the nightbreed. I wanted to know the stories of their characters like Shuna Sassi, Rachel, Peloquin, and daniel boone. I also saw the potential of the killer Decker of becoming an iconic figure in the world of horror with his unique mask and incredibly large knife. I also wanted to delve deeper in Deckers mindset. I would very much like to see this film remade in the hands of a very capable director with help of clive barker of course with brand new unknown actors so that the characters have a life of their own. If not, I would like to see a company like Valient get their hands on the license for Nightbreed and reboot the comic book series. I heard of the previous comic book series and i think it ran for about a total of 22 issues which is not bad for a comic book based on what was deemed sadly as a critical and commercial failure. What did my fellow fans of horror think of this interesting film? If not, how would you feel about a comic book series reboot?

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Feathered Crusader

I think that our favorite thanagarian, Hawkman, should get his own movie. A dark gritty movie like the dark knight rises would be a great movie feel for a hawkman movie. What do you think ? If you're not up for Hawkman, who else do you think deserves a movie? Bloodshot? X-O manowar? hawkwoman? Deathstroke? List a character and what type of movie he or she should be in.

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