Iron Patriot statue from Side Show Collectibles is finally here!

After 1 1/2 years of waiting for the iron patriot statue I won from an contest comicvine hosted, all i can say about the statue is that it is epic and so much bigger than I thought it would be. The picture does not do it justice at all. The statue could not have come at an better time. I am sure this is a very stressful time for all of us college students with finals looming so near. Receiving this statue yesterday was able to take my mind of all of it, albeit temporarily. Have a decent finals week everyone!

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Ace of Knaves

I just finished reading the laughing fish story arc of Detective Comics, Issue 475-476, and I was seriously thrilled. Not since Death of the Family have I seen such a great joker story. The issues are sale online at the comixolog/DC comic apps for .99 each. If you havent read this story, i suggest you do. This is by no means a waste of money and you will be constantly trying to predict what the joker will do next and you will see why the Joker is argueably Batman's most notorious and difficult enemy. Have a great thanksgiving everyone!

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More diamonds in the dust part 2

In another, albeit slightly less dusty, box. I found an almost near mint issue of The New Teen Titans #1. I liked the cover ok. I almost didnt buy it but the store was only asking $5.00 so I figured it must be a decent deal so I took a gamble and bought it. The art is inside is pretty good with great imagery. At the beginning there is a great skirmish between Jericho and the rest of the Teen Titans. The best part of this issue is when Jericho decided to enter Ravens mind and this is when George Perez's art really shined. The imagery is awesome at this part of this story and I could easily see the particular red giant monster within Ravens mind scaring the beejezus out of some poor little kid back in 1985. I feel like i got my $5.00 worth and for a man of few words, Jericho is a pretty cool character. Dont be afraid to pick this issue up for a reasonable price fellow comic book collectors!

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More diamonds in the dust Part 1

Encouraged by my discovery of a issue of The Demon #7 some time ago, I decided to return to the source and see what else I could find and find out if i could duplicate my success. And boy did I! I went to the same dusty box and almost immediately found The Demon #11. The cover was just as good as the cover on The Demon #7. Commanding the cover was Baron Von Evilstein (one of the best villian-y names I've ever heard) monster. Lee Kirby did an amazing job doing the cover. The story inside was just fun, if not more fun, as #7 of The Demon. All I have to say that if you are a old school horror movie fan, this is something you will want to buy. My only regret is that this issue ends in a good cliffhanger and that i will be forced to sift through boxes and the internet to find #12. I managed to snag this ish for $8.00.


Diamond in the dust

After a nice walk downtown, and after redeeming some bottles, I decided to stop by my local comic book store to buy some comic books out of my pile. However, due to a Magic tournament, the store was a little bit understaffed so wandered around. I noticed a little box of comic books in the corner. I started to flip through the comic books, you wouldnt believe the amount of dust covering the comicbooks. In the box I found an issue #7 of the series called The Demon. What caught my attention immediately was the cover. It was amazing. I asked about the price and i was told it was $5. I couldnt turn that down. The art on the cover was worth it to me. So I went over to a table and pulled it out of its sleeve and was delighted that the art on the inside was just as great as the art on the cover. The Demon #7 is a nice visual treat and has plenty of interstingly designed otherwordly creature. The story was a fun read as well. I would give this ish 5/5 stars! If anyone of you have around 5 bucks to spare, I would highly suggest that you get a copy of this!



Deadpool kills Deadpool #1 came out this week and it looks like Deadpool's murderous campaign against the multiverse finally spills into Earth-616, the home of our beloved "original" Deadpool! It's the war of the Deadpools! If that sounds awesome to you, that's probably because it is.


The art is great and reminds me of the art style from the Deadpool and Cable series and the cover art is great as well as you can see up above. The action is solid and the humor is giggle inducing. To make it better, our favorite marvel corps makes it appearance, courtesy of the majestic Bea Arthur! On a more serious tone, the story looks like it has alot of potential and if it is handled right, will keep satisfying you and me just as Issue #1 did.


Not too crazy about the evil deadpool(s) costume redesign and those ba**tards killed the dog!


Pick up this ish, looks like there's a great ride ahead.


Them feelings!

does anyone know the orgin of this strip? here's the link if this isnt big enough to read the text.


The New Dark Knight

In the comic book series Earth 2, a dark knights makes an appearance in their very first annual. For those who are unaware of what Earth-2 is about, it takes place after an invasion where the Wonders, consisting of characters like Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Robin, Catwoman, and Supergirl, seemingly sacrifice themselves to stop an invasion from Apokolips that was spearheaded by Steppenwolf. The Earth-2 comic book series deals with characters who step up, some reluctantly and some willingly, to fill the power vacuum that formed after the Wonders disappeared. So far, characters like the Green Lantern (based on the original Alan Scott green lantern), Dr. Fate, Flash, and the Atom. And now, there's a new Batman in town. His identity is unknown (much to my angst) but he makes a very dramatic appearance, blasting his way in using a very strange and very un-batman like weapon that shoots red explosive balls. He is also seeming much more ruthless than the Batman we are accustomed to as he executes Mister Icicle, obviously based on Mr.Freeze, with his red ball gun. It also appears that he may know Hawk Girl. This new dark knight seems very capable physically but not as capable as the old Batman as this new one seems semi-dependent on technology, leading me to believe this new Batman may not be one of Bruce Wayne's more physically accustomed proteges like Damien or Dick Grayson but his advanced weaponry suggest that he may be Bane, who is supposedly Earth-2 Batman's brother but i do not have any links, as Bane is a genius and could come up with these weapons design to make for the fact that he may be stronger than his supposed brother but not a skilled or agile but since i know next to nothing about the Bane of Earth-2, it is very hard for me to say. What do you think fellow Earth-2 fans?!


Star Trek Into Darkness: A white washed khan

I finished watching Into Darkness earlier this evening and i was impressed. The movie was great and khan was an absolute badas$ and I recently read some reviews and one of the complaints was that Khan was "whitewashed", changed so that he looked white instead of his imprevious incarnations in film and since that was brought up , i too am a little bugged. the actor who played khan was a-ok in my opinion but should they have made his race match the previous incarnations? My explanation for his whitewashing was that his appearance was altered when he was found because some one like Khan might be recognized if he does not change. I sincerely hope if he does appear, they change his appearance to match his previous appearances in film but keep his voice. What do you think?