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This is a long term RPG one post every 12 Hours its more about story rather then battles make sure you read the rules for the RPG.

You are in a Mid-Evil World with the heros and villians of the Vine with very little Technology.








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I'm Back

Wedding was perfect, Honeymoon trust me there are no words to even try to describe it.

: )

How is everyone?

Looks like the vine was able to continue with out me.


Got alot to catch up on look forward to it

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Getting Married

June 1st to my gf of almost 4 years and we have been engaged for almost 2 years.

May 23rd last day of my job and taking off that time before the wedding to relax and enjoy. The after the wedding going on a cruise won't be back till the 10th of June.

Since most of the time i spend on here is when i'm at work the time i'll have for this will be cut down alot. I'll still be on just not as much.

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Out of the darkness Magneto did call

Pain and suffering he brought to them all

Away ran the children to hide in there beds

For fear that Magneto would chop off their heads

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