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Since it seems to be the only thing worth arguing about at this point don't you guys think you should moving the Thor vs Green Lantern argument to an actually Thor vs Green Lantern battle forum? I mean plenty of ppl have already made references to the fact that there's already one(s) out there, so why not move the argument to a more focused area where people more knowledgeable on the two characters would be more likely to comment? (there'ld probably be more back up for both sides) Just a suggestion, feel free to do whatever you want.

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well, thanks for at least admitting to Hulk's strength feats being under rated. Sorry for calling you a troll, just getting a tad bit annoyed. But honestly, compare me to the guys saying the Avengers would somehow win, and I'm really not that bad. As I said, I could be wrong on Flash. But the point I was trying to make was that while I know he CAN do all those things, I'm just saying it seems unlikely that he WOULD do any of them in the first 5-10 seconds of battle (again, he COULD do them in, say, the first .0000000000...1 seconds of battle, but from what I've seen, USUALLY he CHOOSES not to, unless he knows what he's dealing with, which he wouldn't when it comes to the Avengers) Again, I COULD be wrong, but that would be my guess. As for WW vs Hulk, idk, sounds like she really would be too fast for Hulk to land a single hit her, but I have a hard time imagining her having enough strength to take him out, could be wrong on that too though. I'm just gonna agree to disagree with you on GL or WW being able to beat Thor. But whatever, nice debating with you I guess.

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No, I knew that about Flash, but for the third time, I kinda doubt he's START OUT with that (although I'm sure Flash would beat Hulk eventually, I never denied that, in fact, the hulk in particular he's probably beat fairly quickly compared to the rest of them) Anyway, Superman level punch huh? You do realize DC and Marvel has had plenty of cross overs before and one or two of them Hulk and Superman fought. Superman won, in one, but there was another where they were debating having Hulk win (that would have been bs but whatever) point is, while Hulk can't normally beat Superman (or Thor for that matter, who I see as just slightly weaker than Sups), but he can sure as hell do some damage to him, if Superman is dumb enough (which he is, and that's been proven in the earlier cross over, and the fact that Doomsday can still hit him) to let Hulk hit him. That alone is a pretty big feat, plus, he managed to take some pretty good punches from the man of steel. Hulk is very durable already (he survived a nuke for god sakes and was made stronger by it), and any damage that is inflicted will get healed even faster than Wolverine. As for strength, that sounds more like a higher end feat, of which, the Hulk has many, including holding a planet together (entire planet>1/3 of a planet), but his greatest feat was probably breaking through Onslaught's armor. Granted, I believe the first was done by the Green Scar Hulk, (probably about the same strength as Savage Hulk, maybe a bit higher, it's WWH that's MUCH stronger than Savage Hulk) and the second by Mindless Hulk (who is probably either the strongest Hulk incarnation, or the second strongest under World BREAKER Hulk, who's suggested to be stronger than the Silver Surfer can get in brute strength) Anyway point is, the Hulk goes toe to toe with Thor on a regular bases, and sorry to break it to you, but Thor is DEFINITELY stronger than Wonder Woman. The fact that Savage Hulk can take so many hits from Thor (who holds Mjolnir, which is probably, I'm guessing here, about as strong as WW bracelets, accept bigger, and able to be used as a weapon. (So imagine Superman swinging down at you with a much larger, MUCH heavier, weaponized version of WW's bracelets) Now think of the fact that Hulk can take multiple hits from this, unless Thor goes ALL out (which WW is unlikely to do at first, i mean really, what super hero does) Hulk's NOT goin down from "puny girl with pretty bracelets." And Thor sure as hell isn't getting taken out by Flash without him going all out which, for the 5th time WHAT SUPER HERO STARTS OFF GOING ALL OUT! Flash will do what he always does. And even if he DOES do the infinite mass punch, a couple times, if Sups can take it, Thor can take it, and as soon as he does, he'll ONES AGAIN realize that he should GET INTO THE AIR WHERE FLASH CAN'T REACH! Thor isn't as fast as Flash by any means, and probably not as fast as Superman, but he's still PRETTY DAMN fast thanks to that hammer, so I'm sure he'd get in the air before Flash realized he should go all out. You don't seem to realize, I'm not attacking Flashes PHYSICAL abilities, I'm attacking his INTELLIGENCE...lol, yep, ur a Troll, and unless you find something interesting to come back with, I'm done.

Oh, and thanks dude. Idk, MAYBE if Thor can distract Sups long enough to prevent him from killing Hulk while he's still a non factor AND gives him enough time to get Pissed off enough to become a factor, AND get's Superman to stand still long enough for hulk to get to him and beat on him WHILE Thor does the same, they could pull through. I could see it going either way, but I'm leaning toward Sups winning. Idk though, I could be wrong. Either way, thanks for not bein a douche about it like -ahem- some other ppl, lol.

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Still with the condescension eh? I see someone's still got some growing up to do. The speed thing isn't a factor until you get up to Flash level, or have the strength to back it up. 1000000 punches in 1 second is meaningless against the Hulk if there's not enough power behind them to do significant damage. But I'll readily admit I know less about Wonder Woman than any of the other characters listed here, so educate me. What is Wonder Woman's greatest strength feat, and on the other hand, what's her base/normal strength level at (ie how many tons can she lift/press normally, or something to that effect)

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and Seriously guys? It's a comic thread, u don't need to be so conceding, calm the hell down. You do realize I was responding to each of those three SOLOING right? If it were all the Justice Leaguers listed vs all the Avenger's listed, of course the Justice League would win, but I STRONGLY disagree with Hal being able to solo against the entire Avenger's team. And YES Thor could beat the Green Lantern. I said the Hulk had a SHOT against GREEN LANTERN, I didn't say he was likely to win, more over I said that was just my opinion. The only ones Hulk would be likely to beat would be WW, or Batman (they're not fast enough or strong enough to deal any damage that would be likely to kill the Hulk, and as we all know, anything that doesn't kill the Hulk out right, will just make him angrier/stronger). I agreed Sups would probably solo against the entire Avengers team, and as for Flash, yes, he CAN just blitz all the avengers at the same time and if he goes all out yes, he would probably beat them, but how many times has he actually done that? Normally, he chooses to just rapidly punch ppl, or occasionally use his tornado move for the first 3/4 of the battle and than, finally he starts resorting to more drastic measures. It's not if he could win, it's how many situations he would win. And this miscalculation is the norm for Flash. And the distraction thing was just the first example that came to mind, I'm sure Hank Pym could come up with something MUCH better, after all, he is likely the 3rd smartest human on marvel earth...plus Iron Man is probably the 5th, if not the 4th. Besides, there's not many things Flash can do to cause any significant damage against Thor unless he's going all out, which again, he's not likely to do at first, and by the time he realizes he should do so, it will already be too late, Thor will likely have realized Flashes inability to fly as a key weakness and take to the air, and if he doesn't, Iron Man and Ant-Man will, and will likely tell him to do the same. Hank will probably realize almost instantly that his best bet is to shrink down to size, hide, and provide tactical advice (and again, this is all only if it's the FLASH SOLOING.) Btw, is it really SOOO hard to believe that Flash (average intelligence) could be tricked into slowing down by the combined smarts of Iron Man AND Ant-Man? (both genius level intelligence) I could be wrong on the Flash, I'll admit that. I don't think I am, or I wouldn't have said it in the first place, but I'm doubtful I'm wrong on the ENTIRE AVENGERS TEAM not being able to take out the Green Lantern. Finally, I said Superman was the most OVERpowered, not the mot powerful. Silver Surfer is FAR more powerful than Superman, and yes, defiantly a bit over powered, but unlike Superman, who's USUALLY confined to Earth, the Silver Surfer is almost always facing some galactic level threat, same goes for Green Lantern. Sure, Superman has some of the most powerful foes, but how often does he actually fight them? He spends the majority of the time taking down criminals that could be dealt with by a FAR less powerful hero and THAT is why he's over powered...although I'll admit, the Flash has the same problem, though as long as Superman plays it smart, he could theoretically beat the Flash. The Flash is way faster, but Supers is still pretty damn fast, and there's still the whole EMENSE durability, strength, and FLIGHT think, and unlike the others, Superman should know INSTANTLY to utilize the Flashes lack of ability to fly...also, I just like the Flash better XD

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...I'm going to go out on a limb here and say I think you MIGHT be a bit bias :P lol. Two strongest Avengers are Thor (who's in a whole other league compared to the rest of them) and Hulk (who has the POTENTIAL to be in a whole other league compared to the rest of them.) The Flash can't fly, and that puts him at a SEVERE disadvantage against Thor, and Iron Man, and Ant-Man could probably just hide from him and help think up a battle strategy for the others (about the only thing he'd be useful for against the Flash, but it's still good to have someone as smart as him against Flash, who's not exactly the smartest guy comics and that's a weakness that could be exploited...yes I know he can think at the speed of light, but there's a lot more to intelligence than that. They'd probably find a way to distract him long enough to get him to stay still, if only for a second, but that would be long enough for Thor to kill him with surprise a bolt of lightning or something like that (yes I know Flash can move faster than lightning, but he won't know to move if he's distracted) Now for Superman...he's the most over powered hero of all time, and he could probably beat all of them, although it would be a good fight, and I'd say the Avengers at least have a shot against him if he's on his own. Green Lantern...how could Green Lantern possibly solo? Thor could beat him single handed, and Hulk probably could too.

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Only ones Cap has the slightest chance of lasting a few minutes (if that) with would be WW, or Batman (Caps Shield would be interesting to pit against Wonder Woman's bracelets, but Wonder Woman is still WAY stronger and faster than Cap) He might have a shot against Batman physically, and is probably the only one who can come close to him in hand-to-hand combat, but I wouldn't be surprised if Bats outclasses him, even in that category, that's not even going into the fact that batman could EASILY outsmart him. Thor's the only one with a shot against Superman, and that battle would probably last the longest, but Superman is more durable, and MUCH faster than Thor, so I'd say Sups eventually takes the win there. It wouldn't surprise me if Batman hacks into Iron Man's suit, and plays the stop hitting urself game. But if he can't Iron Man beats him bad in brute force, but I'm sure any one of the other Justice Leaguers could take him out np when they're done. Green lantern would probably take out Ant-Man in a couple seconds, so I'm sure he could help. Only characters I'd say could take out the Hulk would be Sups, The Flash, and MAYBE Green Lantern (although, I personally think the Hulk's strength could break though any of Hal's willpower creations, because I'd say Hulk's rage outweighs Hal's willpower, but that's just me.) Anyway, Flash is the only one left anyway, so he tries to beat him the old fashioned way, before realizing how durable the Hulk is, and the fact that he can heal, than figures out the best way to beat him would be to trap him in the Speed Force before Hulk can move a muscle...DC guys are over powered :/

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Thanks for gathering up all these pics, they're awesome!

Hard to pic a favorite. All of Philip Tan's were great, especially the Flash, Both of Peter Nguyen's were AMAZING, Daniel HDR's Colossus was awesome, and showed off his Russian side X) Todd Nauck's Ant-Man was pretty cool, Brett Booths Catwoman was HOT! P: same goes for Paolo Rivera's Poison Ivy. Most I could limit it down to would be Peter Nguyen's Batgirl and Black Widow, Philip Tan's Flash, or Daniel HDR's Colossus.

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Thanks for the advice :D I'm not exactly new here, but I don't get the chance to go on too often, I was just trying to finish a quest looking for a story to comment on, and found this X) Anyway, I totally agree, the one word comment thing gets annoying in just about any context, whether it's story responses, battle forums, or even text messages (really, how the hell do I reply to lol?) But anyway, I'll keep all this in mind when finding a story to comment on.

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Meant to be more of a battle of wits than a physical one, and as I said, Doom outclasses Banner over all intellectually there are certainly areas that he surpasses Doom, like radiation, and general resourcefulness. He could probably help Doom whip up a couple monsters or something (he did that fairly recently himself) He's also got his own line of "Banner Tech" that includes a force field that can take blows from Juggernaut, an Old Power TASER that can shoot blasts that can measure up to 6.9 on the Richter scale, and finally a portable teleportation device, that also allows him to grab stuff from his lab at any time. However, from the responses I'm getting, maybe I should switch Banner to team one to make things more interesting.