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Team 2 takes this under right conditions. You have two natural forces dealing with two otherworldly forces. Graviton could pin Thor down like has has before however Thor has not only beaten him but fought him to a standstill without really pulling out his other abilities. Thors hammer is just to damn versatile and his energy absorbtion will help him greatly here. I mean if pushed he could just gb one of them out for the ko and I see them having a hard time just against thor if he was in Wm state . Team 2 7/10

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Thor, I could give reasons but from my knowledge of CM, even tho he can tap/has all of these gods powers. He's seems very weak over-all. Thor imo just has much more raw power potential. Marvel depicts it's Norse gods as more powerful than Dc's Olympians but i could be baised since CM seems like a boring character.

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Current Thor 6/10. Location + WM + Death = Doomsday down. I don't follow Dc much lately but from interpretation of what these two can do Thor should take this (as long as a Dc writer wasn't involved). The H/P DD seems cheap character development but then again Thor has plot device winning Mjolnir who could be written to loose/win pretty much any heavy hitter.

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Thor, Thor now in comparison to classic Thor is a lot stronger. As Donald Blake, having a mortal form made him weaker. To top it off, Thor usually holds back as he fights and goes in a lot of the time as a brawler instead of unleashing what he's truly capable of. Gladiator is faster than Thor but I have a theory about reaction time vs speed. Sentry tried to Blitz Thor and Thor was capable of reacting fact enough to stop him.. he also is capable of throwing Mjolnir 2x the speed of light.. meaning he can perceive an object moving that fast.. he himself is just not capable of achieving those speed.. he however can react and defend. In both scenarios, Thor wins. A bit rougher than without WM but still I think he pulls the win out here 8/10 However this is Marvel here., so really logic (at least in terms of comics) gets thrown out the window and either can be written to win. Power/stat/showing wise. Thor should win