Something that have been in my mind for a wyle is how most TV shows that can be considere super-hero shows reject the use of costumes. Yes for one side is corny see a real person put theme clotes or masks to go out an save people, and when somebody sees them they think is juast a guy or woman who was pasing by. Series like Buffy, Charmed, Dexter and most recently No ordinary family, shows people who do super-hero/vigilante work, keep secrets and run double lives but they never hide their faces. This may help them maintain a low profle( th people they save or figth shoult think the episode story is a particular incident for the hero too), but while those helped by them could understant a desire to not make it public, the criminals would like to take revenche on them. 
   If the main character use a mas or even a costume not even the people close to them could recognise their faces, but every whitnes would pount at one person whit very distintive clothes, which bring the atention of the police and the media, as well as point the atention of criminals at them as serious treats to their busines, and so meke them teke an ofensive position like in The Cape series(and the Kick-ass and Green Hornet movies). 
   In Smallville this question was introdused in the episode Vengance, but has always been there, and will culminate whith Clark takin the Superman identity, and in the late Heroes we saw how Primatech priority was keeping the super-humans existence as a secret. 
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