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Sad to see Static go, hopefully he gets a shot at being in the Teen Titan title again like he was in the Old Universe before the switch. Static definitely has the potential to be big if DC would just get the stick out their assas. As for Mr. Terrfic I always thought he was awesome in JSA and I knew from the get go after seeing his HORRIBLE re-design that his book would fail...so sad. Hopefully, Batwing stays strong and for the love of god make John Stewart a bigger focus in GLC, Guy Gardener is already in JLI. Good another brother a chance DC. Just sayin cause I'm a huge John fan and I thought he was utterly badass in Blackest Night

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@LordRequiem: Guess no one at Marvel read the best damn book out now Uncanny X-Force. That or the New Angel ain't gonna last very long

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I swear comic fans are fickle, there was nothing really wrong with the first GI Joe movie aside from the Accelerator Suits which were cheesy and only used in one sequence. While I admit the use and motivation for the "movies" Cobra Commander were alittle wonky it was enjoyable and set up  at the end with Zartan was golden. 
Joe 2 just sell like nothing more than a Ninja flick to me which will focus more on Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow and less on Duke and Cobra Cobra Commander *face plam*
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OMFG why!? Seriously I sick of Marvel constant ressurection stories! Why people go out and buy them is beyond me. Let a dead character stay dead for christsake
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Well their changing Wonder Girls history by making her into some kinda powerhouse thief which is weird but I can't say I always found her interesting anyway :p What I'm reallly bummed about is Red Robin losing his awesome solo book and Stephanie Brown simpl going into limbo..AGAIN and yet again Cassandra Cain will disappear :(
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I'm still left wondering what will become of Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown?
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Finally! There truely is a god *cries* Someone finally threw away Morrison horrible Red Hood design and switched it back to his commando badassery. The Outlaw definitely look interesting especially since Starfire is there, being a former titan and member of the JLA her appearance has me the most intrigued. 
Hope Jason is portray more like he is when Judd Winick writes him and never like the crap Morrison wrote in Batman and Robin
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Red Robin,Wonder Girl, & Kid Flash looks incredible. Superboy looks...*barf* but who are those other guys? And why is Static not on this team!? Glad your giving his own Solo book but come on DCU spread some color on your freakin teams
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Wow all his hate and strife over Superman finally ditching the red underwear look? O.o Supergirl looks cool and yet again Superboy looks....ugh..I seen his real design on the Titans cover and it's nothing special