Ba Dum Tss.

"To conquer fear."

Thick silence permeated the enclosed interrogation room for a moment, and the two detectives exchanged bewildered looks.

"When I was younger, I was afraid of clowns."

His weathered face was deathly white, with a massive red smear encompassing the lower half, spanning from one end of his cheek to the other in a successful attempt at painting an ugly smile upon his mug, one that seemed nothing but perverse in nature.

"He realized it. And made me into this."

Once more, confusion played across the features of the two of Gothic's most esteemed detectives. The senior officer between them leaned forward, his brow furrowed in frustration.

"Who is he? And what... What is this?"

Ex-Police Commissioner Percival Knight regarded the aggressive questioner with a dreadfully disinterested expression, the strange black streaks around his cold eyes only amplifying the horror surrounding his monstrous visage.

"You're looking at him. He's in here with me. He's in here, with you."

Detective Lewinksi hit the table with a meaty fist and reared up, running two trembling hands through his hair. His partner compensated for the lapse in self-control, taking a seat opposite the suspect, both unnerved and uncertain of the man's nature.

"I don't understand, Terry... You're the Commission -- Sorry. You were, the Commissioner. Tell me... Why the fck would you murder your own family?"

Knight continued to stare at his persecutors with something resembling sheer boredom. Considering the younger detectives facial features for a few moments before responding, the middle aged, purple suited man leaned forwards himself, the cuffs around his wrists jingling like a pair of Christmas bells. His voice was gravelly, cold, and imposing as he answered the proposed question.

"That's simple, officer. He suggested I do it. And honestly, I couldn't disagree with his reasoning. Five year olds are such irritating little things, aren't they? And the wife... Well, you know how it is. Although, I didn't intend on torturing them before hand... That was him."

Stunned silence made itself comfortable around the room, watching events fold out before it.

"Could... We... Speak, to him?"

"No. He doesn't like cops. At least, not the clean ones."

No sooner were the words out of his mouth then a bullet tore through the young detectives skull, exiting via his forehead and embedding itself within the floor. Lewinksi grinned manically at his boss and delivered a brutal haymaker to the back of his already deceased partner's head, knocking his corpse to the floor and managing to receive more blood upon his once white t-shirt. Knight stared disinterestedly at his lackey's successful work and got to his feet, holding out both wrists for release. The traitorous detective unlocked the cuffs with childlike glee and passed his handgun over to his twisted superior, barely managing to restrain his joy.

"Why the fck are you always smiling."

The Midknighter raised his weapon and popped three bullets directly into Lewinksi's face, turning on his heel and striding out of the interrogation room with the stoic nonchalance of somebody who ran the place.

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I feel like going all Will Graham on this.

Where's my partner? Han!

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With a name like that I can't help but to picture you like this. XD

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Nice! Fun read.

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@myrmidon_: Thanks brah, appreciate it.


Lmao. There's a backstory to the name. I'm keen for a rivalry between DV and MK.

@asherah: I'm going for a gangster/kingpin of Gothic City type vibe. So you getting involved would be cool. Not sure which characters you use in Gothic though? I've only ever seen you use Shiho and Zaub.

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Didn't you use the Midnighter look with this? I think I saw this account before with a Midnighter look. Me too, finally a Joker archetype that wants to fight me.

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@darkknightdetective: Nah. That would be like calling myself the Dark Knight Detective then using a Batman look ;) Haha when I created this account two years ago I didn't even know there was a character called Midnighter. I've used him with a Daredevil look that didn't last, then a ninja turtle look, even had a Batman Beyond look for a while. But think I'll stick with Joker for a while, at least this rugged version in the AV for now. Not gonna go for the insane Joker vibe everybody else does, wanna make a stoic thug.

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Cool, I think that's Joker by Lee Bermejo, you should look at the graphic novel that he did with Brian Azerallo or however you spell his name, it's got a Vertigo vibe to it.

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Sweet post, this reminds me of your prime blogs

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Always enjoy reading yours man. Should seriously chase going pro

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(I'm on mobile so I can't tag you) Prior to Noel they wrote Joker together which focused on Joker rather than Batman. I think that's more of an art piece rather than from a specific graphic novel.

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@asherah: You want to do anything right now? I wanna throw down a post with Midknighter taking out some competition, opening up more territory for himself.

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@midknighter: Ooh! I already owe two posts, but this is new and I kinda don't wanna pass it up.

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O_O Simply Bad*ss

Also pretty creepy

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Good read!

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Just saw this, badass read mano.

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@midknighter: I'm OxeRed. You're Assault right?

We met once back at the loners nightclub back in your Kato days ;)

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@austri: Dude! I thought you'd left! Haha fcken good times man. Hahaha, I was really on a roll that night.

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@midknighter: That was pretty magnificent. I'll have response after I eat.

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@assault: I did leave for a while.

Lol, Yeah that was some funny stuff that night XD

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@austri: You back now? I like the character look you got going on there.

@arquitenens: Fankids 4 lyf