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Name: Percival Knight, Midknighter (MPD)

Alias: The Clown Faced Crusader, Justice's Jester, The Purple-Suited Psychopath, The Dealer of Darkness

Age: 41

Height: 6'8

Weight: 230 lbs

Iris color: Brown (Green when pupils are enlarged)

Hair Color: Brown (Dyed Green)

Occupation: Crime Lord (Ex-Police Commissioner)

Family: Gertrude Knight (wife/deceased), Dinah Knight (daughter/deceased)


  • Suffers from a severe multiple personality disorder.
  • Percival is an alcoholic.
  • Midknighter is addicted to nicotine.


Enhanced Physiology

  • Strength - Capable of lifting up to 3 tons at maximum output.
  • Speed - Not on par with his other physical attributes and just above the average human.
  • Reflexes - A vast majority of his heightened speed is invested in this instead, with bullet time reactions.
  • Senses - Whilst much greater than the average man, they are not quite superhuman.

Shadow Manipulation

  • Constructs - Much like a Green Lantern's ring, able to create anything his imagination wills.
  • Projectiles - Comprised of solid darkness, these can be fired out of shadows at an opponent.
  • Duplication - Possesses the ability to create identical replicas of anything he has seen with darkness.
  • Bodily Control - The Midknighter is able to dictate any targeted being's movements via their shadow, the success rate dependent on the resilience of their willpower.
  • Teleportation - By stepping into one shadow he is able to step out of another as long as it is within a relative distance.
  • Tendrils - He uses these as an extension of his body, shadow-comprised tentacles that operate almost like an octopus'.
  • Light Moderation - Able to extinguish light and render his opponent blind in an enclosed space.