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Just food for thought, I was born with a congenital heart disease called Aortic Stenosis. It has limited my possibilities of what I could do, I was not able to participate in my favorite sport, I am not able to join the military, something I really wanted to do. And there even certain jobs I am not eligible for.

I wish my parents had aborted me, not because I hate myself but because of being restrained solely for just being born with a disease. If I have a kid and they have the same disease, I would abort them, I feel it would be cruel to bring them into this world with limited endeavors.

There you go. This guy knows from experience exactly what anyone else should be able to guess. My sympathies that you have to go through life shorthanded through no fault of your own.

@pooty I really thought you were going another way with that haha

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If I'm gonna look at pictures, they may as well be hyper sexualized.

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@captainmarvel4ever said:

@mideonnviscera: Which writer are you talking about?

In any case right now they have a lot of books, but as time goes on we may see Marvel phase them out. We know that they are popular, so Marvel can still use them to their advantage, like they did when they decided to team them up with the Guardians to help increase interest in the film.

I don't know how to say this without being a dick, but I'm obviously talking about Bendis. I don't mean he's the best either, I simply mean he is their number 1 go to guy and has been for a decade.

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Spider-Man Noir.

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Honestly, who wants the burden of a retarded kid for the rest of their lives? Who wants to inflict the burden of a retarded life on a child? I think people who can't afford children should get abortions too, instead of subjecting the kid to a life of feeling inferior to his peers. Unless you can give a kid a fantastic life, don't f*cking have it! It's irresponsible and selfish as hell to inflict a crappy life on somebody just because you want a baby.

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Don't really care about Falcon or the new Thor, but I am interested in this new Iron Man. Other then that a lot of this is just Marvel bending over for Disney (Deathlok as an Avenger? seriously?) I am hoping that Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange, and Ant-Man will get a big push.

Also, notice the lack of X-Men/Mutants on this new Avengers team

It's almost as if Marvel is slowly trying to phase the X-Men out in favor of properties they own.

They have their number 1 writer on X-Men. Like him or not, he's their top guy, by miles. (Miles?). There's still like 10 X-Books. Get a grip and stop being so weirdly paranoid about something that will never ever happen.

As for the question of the thread, I basically like all changes, all the time. Even if this whole new Avengers team sucks except Bucky and Scarlet Witch this could be the book that makes me like some of these characters. It's not like I find Hawkeye, Spider-Woman, Black Widow, etc particularly riveting anyway. Change almost always leads to something interesting, and when it doesn't we always change back eventually.

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I just got the Frank Miller Daredevil Omnibus the other day.

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I love this book, and Doom, and Namor. "Here in Latveria, Doom demands that children always get a good night's sleep".

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the video followed the leaked script if i remember correctly, so i guess the script was legit.

Yeah it's straight out of it. I liked that script a lot too.

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Well Hiddleston survived to do it 3 times so I'll go with him.

Really though they're completely different roles in completely different films with completely different goals.