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The scope of stories superhero comics can give is extremely limited. Even the superhero stories I'm enjoying at the moment still are nothing ground-breaking, they haven't been for a long time. I read Image's and Vertigo's titles and the scope of stories they tell is astounding. One issue I'm in a sci-fi western, then to an uber-ficitonalised version of the Manhattan Projects and then a deep, inter-galactic universe with NEW characters that I am constantly unravelling and becoming attached to.

Superheros got me into comics but independents kept me around.

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Hush is so average! And Court of Owls doesn't deserve to be called the greatest Batman story just yet in my opinion.

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I dunno, I'm starting to get a little impatient with Manhattan Projects. The plot development isn't moving at the greatest pace and I'm struggling to attach myself to any character. Yes the alternative, high-concept story that Hickman is presenting is original and interesting but it's beginning to wear a little thin and I need something to keep me attached.

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This isn't even close. Saga, Fatale, Lazarus, Morning Glories to name a few and now with Rocket Girl and Pretty Deadly about to be published also, Image is the beacon of light in the comics industry for strong, respectable and original female characters.

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Everything about this event was mediocre. DC need to give up the lame gimmicks and focus on getting their company back to a respectable level with high quality storytelling.

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This guy is just being used as DC's puppet.

I can just hear Didio's snide voice saying "Get Batwoman into zero year and when your done get her the hell back into the New 52! This is what we want and our will shall be done!!"

Maybe not that dramatic but you get the picture.

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It seems the entire comic world has been brought to attention with this. Fans and star creator such as BMB are taking to twitter to praise Williams and co on taking a stand. His twitter account apparently crashed from all traffic he was getting.

Awesome and I really hope DC are paying attention because this isnt right.

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@donfelipe: I wouldn't be surprised if Williams covers were unsuitable for DC's "vision" as well. He is one of those creators you give full artistic reign to matter what. He's earned that right and fans adore him.

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This is the biggest, load of steaming crap DC has excreted out of the New 52. The companies and their editors are a joke and now the majority of their titles are becoming a joke.

Batwoman's independence from all this made it a truly wonderful comic. It stood on it's own and refused to be dragged down by stupid tie-ins and events and I'm glad JHWIII and Blackman stood up for themselves and didn't bend and taint their wonderful run.

With this I now only read 3 DC titles and I don't hold much hope on hanging onto them either. DC comics is so out of touch with their fanbase, it's staggering.